Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 162
 The next attack has a chance to Stun
75% chance to trigger
This Effect is a part of:
Hero-Only Effects
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 162
 The next attack has a chance to Stun

Heroes Edit

Name Ability
Black Widow Icon 1Black Widow Icon 2Black Widow Icon 3Black Widow Icon 4
Black Widow-Widowmaker Widowmaker


  • Instead of showing "
    Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 010
     Stun 75% Chance", has a 75% chance of displaying Stun on Black Widow-Martial Arts Combo Martial Arts Combo, Black Widow-Widow's Bite Widow's Bite or Black Widow-Flying Kick Flying Kick.
    (The attack which displays it has a 100% chance to apply).

Patch NotesEdit

Unknown DateEdit

  • Old icon Effect Icon 016 Green

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