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Weapon X

Weapon X is a fictional clandestine government genetic research facility project in Marvel Comics. They are conducted by the Canadian Government's Department K, which turns willing and unwilling beings into living weapons. The project often captures mutants and experiments on them to enhance their superpowers and turning them into weapons and also mutates baseline humans. The Weapon X Project produced Wolverine, Leech, and other characters such as Deadpool and Sabretooth. The code-name Weapon X had been implied that he was connected to a shady and malevolent government program. Weapon X, the project was designated Experiment X and it was revealed that it was responsible for bonding the adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton, making him indestructible. It also subjected him to brainwashing in order to bring out his most basic murderous instincts in order to transform him into the perfect assassin. The scientists christened their new killing machine "Weapon X".

In-Game Members


Captain America Icon 1Captain America Icon 2Captain America Icon 3Captain America Icon 4Captain America Icon 5
Deadpool Icon 1Deadpool Icon 2
Sabretooth Icon 1
Wolverine Icon 1Wolverine Icon 2Wolverine Icon 3
X-23 Icon 1X-23 Icon 2


Captain America Icon
 Captain America
Deadpool Icon
Sabretooth Icon
Sauron Icon
Wolverine Icon
X-23 IconWar Icon
X-23 (War)

Non-game canon

Fantomex Icon 1

Team-Up Bonuses

Weapon X Heroes that were in the Weapon X Program Captain America Icon 1Deadpool Icon 1Sabretooth Icon 1Wolverine Icon 1X-23 Icon 1

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