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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Captain America/Boss.

Alternate Uniform Icon 1
Bruisericon Tacticianicon  WWII Captain America
Captain America-WWII
Base Stats
Health: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02   7153
Stamina: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02   7153
Attack: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02   1431
Defense: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02   1431
Accuracy: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02   1431
Evasion: Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02   1431
Cost and Requirements:
Gender: Agent Male Gender Male
Carries Metal? Yes

Avengers Avengers, Illuminati, SHIELD S.H.I.E.L.D., The Invaders, Avengers Secret Avengers

Product of a World War II super soldier experiment, Steve Rogers was recovered from a block of ice years after a mission over Europe went disastrously wrong. Thrown into a future that he's still not used to, he brings an old-fashioned resolve to the Avengers' mission.
Captain America-Shield Bash Shield Bash Captain America-Leading Strike Leading Strike Level 2
Stamina Cost: 18% Stamina Cost: 10%
Target: One Enemy Target: One Enemy
Total Damage: 868 - 1388 Total Damage: 1066 - 1279
Cooldown: n/a Cooldown: n/a
# of Hits: 1 # of Hits: 1
Hit/Critical: 88% / 11% Hit/Critical: 92% / 11%
Type: Melee Vibranium Type: Unarmed Melee

One Enemy

Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 009
 Dizzy (3 rounds)

One Enemy

Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 011
 Target Focus (2 rounds)
Captain America-Shield Throw Shield Throw Level 6 Captain America-Shield Guard Shield Guard Level 9
Stamina Cost: 25% Stamina Cost: 15%
Target: All Enemies Target: Self
Total Damage: 570 - 855 Total Damage: n/a
Cooldown: n/a Cooldown: 2 Rounds
# of Hits: 1 # of Hits: n/a
Hit/Critical: 94% / 12% Hit/Critical: n/a
Type: Ranged Vibranium Type: Buff

All Enemies

Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 018
 Lock-On (3 rounds)

Special Properties

Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
 Quick Action


Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 048
 Shield Guard (expires next round)

For information regarding Heroes' Leveling costs and requirements, refer to this page.
Information above may only be accurate to the Facebook Version.
Actions, Effects, and Stats may or may not differ from the Mobile Version as majority of the Heroes are still on their older Patch versions. Stats are based on Agent level 2. Action Stats are based on a hero without Iso-8, Empowered Iso-8, and Augmented Iso-8 socketed. Total Damage/Healing is based on Agent Level 300.
Please do not change the data into the Mobile Version with the exception of adding the Mobile Version's Cost and Requirements.

Captain America WWII Unlocked Howard Stark outfitted Captain America with upgraded gear to attack known HYDRA bases throughout Europe during World War 2.

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