aka Zachariah Dearing

  • I live in Winterport, Maine
  • I was born on March 20
  • I am Male
  • ~Zearing~

    I'm going to start this page here, but if you think I should move it to an actual page I will.

    This page is definatly under construction, so be patient as I work on this as I can. Also, feel free to give your opinions on the weapons on this page, especilly for the ones I never had a chance to try.

    Makes pretty decent damage on lower levels, but I hardly use it now.

    Availability: Mission 2.6 Boss Reward.

    I honestly can't review this item, not having joined the game a few weeks after this Special Operation ended, and haven't had the luck to get it in a lockbox.

    Availability: Special Operation Item, or Lockboxes.

    The description sounds good, but I have never had 64 gold in the game, making getting this weapon impossible.

    Availability: Limited Edition I…

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