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  • Zyeike

    November 13, 2012 Game Updates

    November 13, 2012 by Zyeike

    Changes to gameplay:

    PVP (Player versus Player)

    • Season 2 is now released!
    • New league requirements & rewards:
      • Silver: 1 ranked attack, all participants qualify .........100,000 silver
      • Gold: 10 ranked attacks, rank in top 35% ...............10 gold
      • Diamond: 30 ranked attacks, rank in top 15% ..........Nanite Inductive Nailgun
      • Vibranium: 60 ranked attacks, rank in top 3% ..........Blueprint: Scrapper's Power Armor
      • Adamantium: 100 ranked attacks, rank in top .5%.....Cable

    PVE (Player versus Environment)

    • Bonus damage for actions with Paragon Exploiter reduced
      • Other Exploit effects still do the same damage
    • Bane no longer stacks.
    • Multiple instances of Reactor Overload (from the Arc Reactor Charge) and Slow Recharge will not visibly stack

    Changes to Weapons/Gad…

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  • Zyeike


    September 20, 2012 by Zyeike

    Why does this image piss me off so much? I was hoping they weren't going to do the obvious and just go with Jean as the fifth member. This just really makes the story so annoying now because someone else was finally more important than Jean with the Phoenix. Because usually when u think of the Phoenix u think of Jean. And for once with AvX it wasnt just one person it was 5. Five people more important than Jean. Thank you Playdom -_- inb4 someone says Hope Summers because she doesnt count. She's like everybody as one

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  • Zyeike

    Special Op 3 is coming next week and i'm so excited. I can't wait for the Phoenix 4 costumes to arrive (yes I said 4 because there's no Namor). It's about to go down >:) I'm picking the X-Men hands down. If anyone has been keeping up with the comics the Phoenix Five having been pwning everyone like they're nothing. And now Cyclops himself has fully absorbed all the power of the Phoenix for himself and has become Dark Phoenix.

    So I was wondering which side will you guys choose and why?

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  • Zyeike

    Phoenix Four not Five

    September 7, 2012 by Zyeike

    This sucks because it truly won't be the Phoenix Five without Namor. It just doesn't seem right. It'll be an incomplete set. Unless Playdom decides to surprise the crap out of us and include him in Spec Op 3 with the rest of the Phoenix Four thus truly making it the Phoenix Five like it should be. I just really hope by some chance they were keeping Namor a big secret.

    Also on a side note whats the point of giving us Magik without her classic or modern costume 1st. Kinda seems unfair to start her out in-game as an altered more powerful version than her normal self

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  • Zyeike

    Why Isn't This In-game?

    August 31, 2012 by Zyeike

    I was sitting here thinking shouldn't the Hulk have a passive effect that makes him immune to Radiation damage since he absorbs radiation and if not immune to it take reduced damage from it? Same thing goes for Gambit in terms of taking Psychic Attacks since his powers shield his brain. Also maybe for an alternate cosume Gambit could have a passive called Hypnotic Charm and basically it would have a chance for Gambit to "persuade" the enemy to either attack their teammate or not attack at all.

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