• Zovice

    I am not was it a glitch or something, but I kind of deserve it for forgeting it and did for three times.

    The situtation was like this. I was fighting Mephisto with two Subcinctuses.

    We knew that Mephisto only flee when we defeated him, but his vitality will regenerate a little before he flee.

    With this battle, Mephisto also uses a skill called "Binding Contract". Which he will take the life from the Subcinctus to heal himself, so Mephisto will not flee until all the Subcinctuses was defeated first.

    As the battle went, the Subcinctuses use the "Temptation", which have a counter attack of "Hell Hath No Fury" (the strongest counter I know of. If you can't defeat it one shot, better left it for that turn.) So only target left was Mephisto. During…

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