aka Trần Hoàng Vương Phong

  • I live in Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • I was born on October 10
  • I am Male
  • ZoneCaptain

    Today, Friday 13th September 2013, after recuit Spider-Woman so that i have full 30 heroes. Yeah, final i come to CP mine of the game =). Ok here is my adventure:

    Well, the fight with Loki, so easy, but nothing come easy, i only won EMP Grenade =((. But after go to Chapter 12.2, nice, so that here is journal:

    1. Boss: ISO-8 _ Epic Boss: 3 Cp =].
    2. Boss: 3 Cp _ E.Boss: Stinger III.
    3. Boss: Grenade IV _ E.Boss: A.R Spinner
    4. Boss: 1 Cp _ E.Boss: 3 Cp.

    Ok, testing that is enough, tomorow is farming day =].

    Special Ops 12 2 more days is end, so that i want to miss some nice gear or free gold & Cp because right now i have about so much of U ISO-8 & missions 2 i have only 4 stars so 5 free Cps, why not? But 20 energys needed each day to grab 1 Cp, nice. So here…

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  • ZoneCaptain

    PvP so rude.

    July 7, 2013 by ZoneCaptain

    PvP is so much rude for me: Now i'm in level 61, have 17 good heroes, good gear, good ISO-8 but funny that i from diamond league & demoted to sliver league =[. While that my friend, just play this game for 2 weeks, but so lucky that he was won about 24 gold & 20 CP from daily reward so that he could recuit spiderman, make him easy promoted to diamond league in few day. Why? Easy: he just only level 10 so that many people have simple level like him just only have only about 4 heroes & they couldn't have some heroes that worth about 90 CP. 

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  • ZoneCaptain


    June 21, 2013 by ZoneCaptain

    I cant belive that when i train War Machine & send 4 flight deck then i come to my other game on face book. 1 HOUR later i came back to game WTW: both flight deck & training doesnt happen. Why ?

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