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    Team for PvP

    December 29, 2013 by ZioScuffio

    ... or else. I'm not a massive PvP player. Not of my penny going in Playdom pocket for me (... and for this, I'm "condamned" to lose in high ranks). So I play PvP only for the 5battle for roulette and nothing else. 

    In this post I add the various team I like to play in attack or defense. So, keep in mind. I LIKE TO PLAY. If you wanna tell me things like "hey, I played your team X in defense but I lost a lot of battle..." ... go cry somewhere else.

    The post is updated when I want :D


    SIX PACK AND POWDER - Cable and Deadpool

    Love those guys. Not only in game, but in comics also. Messiah Complex is one of my favorite plot in MA universe, and Deadpool... well, is Deadpool. This is my actually team in PvP.

    The agent setup: Generalist trench wi…

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  • ZioScuffio

    Hero CS: Taskmaster

    November 28, 2013 by ZioScuffio

    Second blog post for me! And today, I wanna try to fantasize about one of the most anti-heroes that I expect to see. Yes, I have strange tastes when it comes to heroes. So what? Well, enjoy it!

    A small introduction: Taskmaster has been designed as an "brutal opportunist". That's was for me the closest idea to what is the fighting style of the character in Marvel Comics.

    |} |} |}

    PASSIVE: Photographic Reflexes: When attacked, has the 20% chance to gain an extra turn and absorb the positive aspects of the attacker's class (see for effects). When it trigged, cooldown of Mimic reset.

    L1: Taskmaster's Mark

    Type: Slashing/Melee - Target: One Enemy - # of Hits: 2

    Stamina Cost: 10% - Hit/Critical: 92%/12%

    ; NEW DEBUFF: Taskmaster's Mark (1 rnd)

    • Attackin…

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  • ZioScuffio

    Icons of the Asgardians

    November 11, 2013 by ZioScuffio

    Well, in addition to being fans marvel I am also an archaeologist. Therefore I could only begin to write on the board with a discussion which I have been thinking for some time during the Special Operation. That's the meanings of the runes related to asgardian effects. All of this are in elder futhark, the most old runic alphabet. But they have various, various meanings.

     Asgardian/Asgardian Emulaction: It' the rune for "A". Although it is comparable to the "a" which is the first letter for Asgardian actually the name of the rune itself, Ansuz, takes on the meaning of "God".

    Call to Asgard: The rune for "H", Haglaz, it's the rune for the hail. But among the many symbolic meanings of the rune there is also that of "radical change".

     Deathglow: I…

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