Well, it's the end. No more Marvel Avengers Alliance in about a month, and people are upset. Rightly so, and I'm sure people had issues with the game and how it was run. Well, I want to take a stab at what I felt were issues in the game and how those problems could've been fixed. Not good with intros so let's jump into this thing!

First Issue: Trouble attracting and keeping newer players

This issue I feel is partially because of the level cap implemented in pvp in the middle of 2014, bt if this decision couldn't have been reversed, there were other ways to attract newer guys, and the way was to use leveling to dole out more prizes. Giving cp and silver per level along with gold would've greatly helped new players, and raising the available CP and Silver gained a level every year, so for example, 2014 would give 5cp and 100,000 silver per level, 2015 would be 10 cp per level and 200,000 silver per level, 2016-15 cp per level and 500,000 per level, along with the 1 gold we usually get.

Second Issue: Issues with pvp monotony and meta changes

Even I took issue with this one, even though I may not have been vocal about it. I felt like there were heroes who were in the meta for far too long. Characters like Kuurth, Nul, and Pestilence were seen in pvp for at least a year en masse, and that lead to stagnation. Sometimes it's not that you'd get tired of seeing a hero in pvp, but that fact that they were dominant for so long. Problems like this are caused because of a few issues, some of them being: 

  • A lack of viable alts-Alternate costumes a lot of times were ways to introduce new metas in pvp, but when you only have a few alternate costumes that were so much more powerful than the rest in any given year, you get this kind of glut. More powerful, and more frequent alts shake up a stagnant meta.
  • Terrible AI coding-It's no mystery, the AI is terrible, and that's why a lot of heroes were horrible on defense. They're movelist could've been filled with powerful attacks and effects, but if the moves were under a multi-function, then that in of itself nullified the effectiveness of that character on defense, and the issue is that it seemed like Disney didn't do much to upgrade the artificial intelligence of some of these characters to make them more viable on defense.

Third Issue: Decline in Communication

Back in 2013- early 2014, communication between the devs and players was much more abundant. Even late 2014 to early 2015 had some decent communication, albiet a little less, even though that Q&A in 2014 was terrible and offered no real information, with most of the questions being answered with "We can't tell you". That, along with the increased silence year after year was disappointing. They should've been more open to the players, but ah well.

Fourth Issue: Lack of Creativity In Sales/PVP Prize support

They could've had a lot more creativity to get people to buy and spend more gold, along with participate in pvp. For gold sales, they could've, along with gear:

  • Add new alts, or even new, powerful heroes with the sale-This creates even more of an incentive to buy gold if you get new, strong costumes/heroes with a $50 purchase. Even more if it's a highly sought out hero like NAYMORE...if they could use him. Just an example though, lol.
  • They could've also given silver away with each gold sale as well. This would help with the increasing costs of heroes when they increase hero levels every year. 

These thing I feel would've increased sales. Now as for pvp, increasing prize support would've been nice. For pvp, they could've:

  • More frequent tournaments that gave out cp per win-I remember that this is the reason why participation in pvp 13 was so high. People loved the generosity of that tournament. CP Tournaments every 3-4 seasons would've been nice
  • Increase prizes for each league, especially silver and gold-For instance 200,000 silver for Silver League, 20g and 300,000 silver for Gold League, Extra 10g and 400,000 silver along with the gear for Diamond League, 500,000 and an exclusive class-based eiso along with the armor for Vibranium League, and 600,000 silver along with an exclusive Eiso, Aiso, and maybe an alt for the hero you win once you reach Adamantium League.

​Lastly, they also could've created a feature that combines eiso/aiso together to make new, more powerful iso that can only be obtained through this method, like how Master Materia is created in Final Fantasy 7. This may also increase sales in eiso/aiso for more creative and diverse iso combinations on your heroes. 

Fifth Issue: Bugs, bugs, bugs...and cheaters.

I know several paying players that stopped paying specifically because of the issue of cheating. Why spend money when some random insect comes along and gets the same prizes as you while unfairly taking points from you at the same time? That takes away the purpose of buying armory items. Also bugs prevented several heroes from being viable for a while. Heimdall and Iron Fist come to mind; these two heroes would've been great vs Quicksilver's long reign of terror if their passives were fixed sooner.

These are the issues I had with the game and the solutions I felt would've helped in the long term. What do you think? What were you issues with the game? What could they have done differently in your mind to make the experience better?

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