For a lot of people, pvp can be frustrating. They lose both on offense or defense, either that or they win but only barely or by plodding through it. What I'm here to say is that for a lot of you that doesn't have to be the case, for there are ways to make it much easier to play it, leaving for little to no stress. There are certain rules, or guidelines to playing and maneuvering through offensive and defensive battles that are undeniable and haven't really changed since the inception of this competitive aspect of the game, certain  pillars you have to excel in or at least improve to make it simpler. These include: 

  • Bonuses: Armory and Hero bonuses are first and foremost. They mostly decide how far you can go in pvp over everything else. Older players used to talk about "the wall"-a certain rating cutoff where their bonuses wouldn't be able to carry them higher. It's relevant more now then before. Also the type of bonuses are important depending on the type of offense and defense teams you wish to build. Is your team reliant on high HP and defense, or is it reliant on a high attack and accuracy? These questions are important to building your teams.
  • Team/Agent composition: This includes alts, gear, armor, and heroes. Certain gear and heroes outperform others. LE gear usually is superior to free gear, and heroes who do more (I'll get into that in another post) do more than those who don't. Also certain gear and heroes may be necessary to the type of offensive and defensive team you wish to build in order to move up/counter the meta.
  • The AI: A real point of contention. Knowing how the AI works is cruicial to advancing in pvp. Paying attention to the enemy AI helps you improve your attacking and afk game, greatly. 

These three aspects are keys that I'll be getting into with subsequent blogs because they require more detail.

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