Pvp stats, the first and foremost thing you need to consistently win in pvp. You can go without them and get decent ranking, but you'd need to attack (and lose) more often than those who have the stats. They are what makes you heroes hit hard and take more hits the more you have. These stats are broken down into their respective categories:

  • HP: Hit points, or health. This determines how many hits you can take after factoring in the opponent's attack and defense. The higher your health, the more hits you can take.
  • Attack: Your attack strength. This stat determines how hard your hits are compared to your enemies defense. For instance, if your attack is double your opponent's defense, then your hits will devestate that opponent, even if they have high health.
  • Defense: This stat determines how much damage will be mitigated from an attack. The higher your defense, the more damage will be reduced from enemy attacks
  • Accuracy: Determines how likely your hits are to hit and crit. The higher the accuracy, the more you'll hit and see yellow numbers, factoring out avoidance/incorporeal effects, of course.
  • Evasion: Determines how often you'll dodge enemy hits and also builds resistance to enemy crits.

These stats are further broken down into two categories: Hero Bonus and Armory Bonus. 

  • Hero Bonus: The bonus you get from your heroes, obviously. These are broken down into categories that correlate with different classes. Tacticians build your health, Blasters build attack, bruisers for defense, scrappers for accuracy, infiltrators for evasion, and generalists grant a small bost to all stats. The more heroes you have for each stat the greater your stats will be in those areas. Purchasing alternate costumes further helps you augment your hero stats to your liking. Also note that your hero stats are for both your attacking and defending team, so if you have +5000 HP, you'll gain that boost for both teams. Same with attack. Not only does increasing the numbers of heroes for a class increase the stat in its respected area, but the level of the hero also determines how much bonus you get per hero and can take precidence over number of heroes depending on how high your hero levels are compared to your opponent's. For instance if you have 20 tacticians at level 15 compared to your opponent having 30 tacticians at lvl 9, your stats will most likely be higher in terms of HP.
  • Armory bonus: This type of bonus comes through your armory and what you slot into it. Each Agent comes with a max of six armory pages that can be unlocked at different levels through research or bought with gold-20 g each. The items you slot into these pages determine how high your stats are and which stats are emphasized more. Almost anything can be slotted into these pages-from consumables to gear, and each item has an armory bonus and is broken down into +Attack and +Defense. Attack increases your Accuracy and Attack while Defense increases your HP, Defense, and Evasion. So, for instance if you have an item you wish to slot and it has an armory bonus of +23000 ATK/+11000 DEF, you'll be bosting your attack and accuracy more over your defense, evasion, and health, and vice versa.

Also on each page you'll see that the left side is for your offensive team, and the right is for your defensive team. This is if you wish to slot different items for different stats for your offense and defending team, so if you wish to slot items that greatly boost your attack for your defending team, but want to play a more defensive style on offense, this makes it possible. I'll get more into these in a later post.

Pitting Your Stats Against Opposing Teams

This is where stats come into play-fighting opposing teams for both offense and defense. To win more often in pvp you have to know the general level of stats your opponent's have as well as know how much of each respective stat to make your team work against opposing teams. For instance, if your attacking armory is 580k/580k and you go against defending opponents who have 400k/800k, know that their evasion, defense, and hp will be higher than your attack and accuracy will allow armory-wise. Your battles will probably take a while. You may even miss a lot of attacks in this scenario. This goes the same for hero bonus and will be compiled if your hero bonus is worse than your opponent's. This is true for the oppoosite- if your hero bonus for attack is +600 and your defense is +400, and your armory is the same 580k/580k and you go up against someone who has +1300 attack, +800 accuracy, with 900k/400k armory bonus, that person will probably obliterate you in combat within the first 2-3 rounds.

The key if to level as many heroes as you can and update your armory regularly to compete and have an edge over your opponents. These stats determine how far you can go in pvp, first and foremost, and requires you to recruit a lot of heroes and have plently of silver to level them and buy items for your armory.

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