Now that I've talking about stats, I feel it's best to touch on the people/beings who will be your allies in pvp-your heroes. After stats, your heroes determine how well you do in pvp. Heroes all have their own respective classes and alternate costumes/classes that further help your win condition, and some of these can greatly or minimally help depending on the costume. I'm not going to get into the super basics of explaining moves and passives of heroes, but rather how you use these to your advantage as well as effects and properties that help you in battle. That being said, contrary to popular belief, some heroes have greater value than others in these terms than others in any given season and meta. There are certain effects you need to look out for in regard to passives and move properties that determine how much stronger a hero is compared to others. These would be: 

  • If the passive/move can inflict lots of debuffs to your opponent or grant your allies plenty of buffs compared to other heroes- if a hero has chaos shot, pressure points, opportunist, buildup, rising up or a move or passive that puts multiple buffs/debuffs on his or her target at any given time, then those are greater than those who don't, usually.
  • If said hero grants extra turns to him/herself easily as compared to others, or has plenty of quick actions/free actions- This is the main reason why tacticians dominated pvp for a long time-becuse they have an eiso that makes their buffs into quick actions and had a powerful advantage over blasters. Extra turns are the singlemost best advantage you could have over your opponent. Any hero that can easily grant extra turns should be at east considered an option on pvp teams. Also a hero with more quick actions/turns/free actions function better on defense due to the AI slimming down its options with them.
  • If said hero has exploits/deadly crits on his/her attacks- The more exploits and damage amplifiers, the better. Lots of exploits with deadly crits is even better. Exploits and deadly crits greatly increase your damage output and can shorten a battle. They can even even the playing field if your attack stat isn't as great as your opponent's defense. Paragon Exploiter, Exploit Stun, Exploit Combos, Exploit Delirium, Finest Hour, Exploit Webbed, and Exploit Magnetism are all great examples of how damage amplifiers have shaped the pvp landscape, so use these to your advantage and take more wins.
  • If a hero greatly increases your stats either way, attack, defense, or both- This is what makes the Elite Empowered Iso so strong, as well as the Agressive and Combatant Eisos on Spitfire along with her gaining attack/defense boosts with each use of her lvl 1. These further increase your damage output. Moves and passives that greater increase your stats this way are invaluable to victory, and the faster they increase your stats, the better.
  • Damage Reduction Effects- Rune of Fear, Covered, Cosmic Power-Guardian Force, and Sacred all come to mind. The reason why these are stressed over defense is because attacks that ignore defense will slice through any increses to defense outside of your hero/armory bonus, but ignore defense doesn't "ignore" these effects, hehe. These effects drag out games to the fullest and can turn an attack meant to obliterate you into a mosquito bite.
  • Follow-Up/Counter-Attack Passives and Effects- This is more for defense. Lvl 15 Scrapper Power, Rocket Raccoon's passive, as well as Spider-Man Noir's passive are great because they compensate for the AI's shortcomings. Kuurth's passive and Nul's "You're Not Worthy" also come to mind. Instead of the AI possibly making mistakes on it's turns, it makes up for it by being able to attack on your turns on its allies' turns, making for a much more efficient team. It may seem unfair to a lot of people, but a lot of times it's necassary for certain defensive teams to work due to how bad the AI functions.
  • Unremovable Passives/Effects- Kuurth's Runes, Nul's Meteor Swarm, Paradise Lost, Manipulated, Despair, Indomitable Spirit, Rebuff, and Righteous are all examples of this. They either can't be removed themselves execpt by duration, or prevent other effects from being removed. In this day and age there are a lot of what are called "reset buttons", or effects that mass-remove buffs and debuffs from targets. A setup that ook 2-3 rounds to create could be ruined by a well times Blackest Void or Warm Zephyr so these effects make sure your setup goes well without any sabateurs ruining them.
  • Immunities- Last but not least, DEFINITELY not least, are immunities. These makes it were you aren't affected by a certain debuff or effect, period. These are gamechanging. If you get hit with maniupluated or are under paradise lost, immunities make sure you stay a live from massive piles of debuffs your opponent throws at you, and the more immunities the better, especially immunities from types of damage. Worthy, Breaker of Stone, Serpent's Spider Serum, Heavy Metal, Determined, and Magic Warding are excellent examples of these.

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