Getting tired of seeing a lot of complaints and general ignorant comments in regards to this game, so what I've decided to do is make a list of do's and don'ts responding to all the ignorance I see people say in/about this game. Let us begin!

I. "I get 1+ on a win and -20 on a loss, It's so unfair!"- This has been going on for 9 seasons now, if this is happening to you it's your fault. Get into vibranium in the first few days and maybe this wouldn't happen to you. If you can't stay in vibranium, then your afk is bad (that sucks and your complaint is legit) or you don't have vibranium stats/strategy, so you were never meant to have it in the first place.

II. "The AI procs effects more against me than I do against them"- No, it really doesn't. Cower doesn't happen more agaisnt you than it does your opponent, and if you tested it and say that it does, you're probably lying. You're going to fight more worthy and agents equipped with the techno-organic endoskeleton on afk, because those work there, and they're going to skew your results. Control for worthy, etc first and then I'll believe you. Same thing for dodges. Control for evasion, hugin's eye, other effects and maybe then I'll believe you. If not, shut up.

III. Counter attacks and follow ups are not "turns". Please stop saying they are. If you come to people saying they are you're gonna have problems and confusion.

IV. "They still beat me even though my stats are higher"- Oh really? Usually when people say this they're grossly overstating their bonuses. If your bonuses are 10-20% higher than your opponent', they can still beat you. Their kuurth will still one shot you if they have her A-iso and the victim has a rune of ruin on. Damage Exploits (exploit attrition, etc) can and do even he playing field. That's life.

V. "The AI cheats!"- It doesn't. There's no way to cheat on your afk unless using a bug/exploit. Build a better team and/or learn some humility, because it's very likely you need it.

VI. "This gear/hero is broken because I can't beat it!"- 90% of the time when any of you say this is because your bonuses and options are really bad/limited. When you have guys who have 30% more stats than you, EVERYTHING will be broken to you. When you have only 50 heroes, a lot will be broken to you. Nul will be broken to you. Hell, Human Torch was OP to me when I first started this game. Fandral was OP to me until I got more heroes. When you're going into battle with a scroll of angolob, a tyrant blade, offensive accelerator, and other free gear, a warbringer axe will be broken to you. Improve your options/bonuses and the list of OP gear/heroes will magically get shorter.

VII. READ EFFECTS, PLEASE- I cannot stress this enough. People say that all kinds of outrageous stuff happens to them at the hands of the AI but can never recall what the enemy have. If this is you, stop, please! I was watching a stream and the guy playing had mind control on him teammates. He attacks and his agent jumps in the way and he claims that there was no mind control there...when I saw it. So please, pay more attention to your battles.

VIII. Don't cheat. If you cheat in pvp, I hope your computer bursts into flames. If you exploit bugs, you really need to be banned for a season. No buts.

IX. No we don't know when the Spec Ops/PvP/New Chapter in Season 2 starts. Stop asking.

X. DO NOT 5 star missions for cp, especially when you have 12.2 unlocked. Those usually take 140-200+ energy to complete...for 5 cp. How much does 140-200 energy get you in 12.2.? 14-20 cp on average. Put 2 and 2 together. Don't care if you've been having dry spells in 12.2. We all get them, and they pass. Keep farming.

I'm sure there are others, but these are the most prevalent ones I've seen

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