I remember like it was yesterday... oh wait... it was!!! I was there, the very same hour the Special Operation 7 came out with our beloved (or hated for some others) Ant-man, AKA Giant-man, AKA Goliath, AKA Yellowjacket, AKA... well as Playdom named him, Hank Pym ; and flankly i guess this is the easiest SpecOp since the sea of ISOs from SpecOp 5, here my reasons:

  • As we now have the ISO dropping from our allies maps', farm resources is not as hard as it was in the first (or last) SpecOps, well even thinking about that, i'm 85% this is almost a "gift" from playdom for all those who were complaining about a million and a half other details from the game.

  • In the Heroes department, looks like Playdom knows we're quickly adapting to their changes (and strategies) so most of us (regular players) farmed and saved enough CPs for a possible PVP tournament heroe AND one or two 90 Cp heroe... just in case; almost every guide online suggest it, right? well then this will be the second part of the "gift" title of this SpecOp, Spider-Man... yes, sorprising a lot of us with a super known AND popular character present in almost every roster (as PVP shows it). So Cable , was an almost obligatory requirement, Wasp is the most logical option if Pym is the star of this show (even if we consider Playdom doesn't usually guides by logical thinking, it still makes sense as Wasp is one of the latests heroes brought to this game) AND the void that Captain Britain has had in this SpecOp will be filled in the not-to-distant future, so for those who have at least two of these four heroes... this will be an easy mission, i'm sure it will.

  • The tasks by themselves are... well, easy with enough ISO, allies, heroes AND time, you'll be making about 20 tasks by next tuesday-wednesday, so... hell easy Special Operation!!! 

Well more important than to know if this SpecOp is the easiest or not, is just to know WHY? Maybe this Operation is but the prelude of the next AND Bigger phase of the end of this First Season (wich i dunno until when it's supposed to end) with Age of Ultron as the Marvel's event of the moment we'll see a future SpecOp à la Avengers vs X-men. Also as PVP tournaments have resulted less and less interesting to play (AND fair for those not-mastercadian players) a good way to keep us, players playing the game is make, by time to time, an apparently  new stuff with a cool and popular fan-serviced request and spice it with a classic Villain to add that Je ne sais quoi that makes us players excited about spend some time to get that temporal apparently-non-economically-benefical gift from a company that has expressed MANY times that if they are making more interesting the game is just because they're earning cash with it ;)

Finally we all know Ultron is on the way to the game, maybe (and i hope he will) Vision will be around by these times, i hope they proceed as we are used to, and the requirements will include Capt. Brit, Psylocke and some new hero they'll be bringing to the game... Meanwhile let's enjoy this "gift" easy mission 'till it ends and Pym be with you all!!!

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