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  • Yakem

    I remember like it was yesterday... oh wait... it was!!! I was there, the very same hour the Special Operation 7 came out with our beloved (or hated for some others) Ant-man, AKA Giant-man, AKA Goliath, AKA Yellowjacket, AKA... well as Playdom named him, Hank Pym ; and flankly i guess this is the easiest SpecOp since the sea of ISOs from SpecOp 5, here my reasons:

    • As we now have the ISO dropping from our allies maps', farm resources is not as hard as it was in the first (or last) SpecOps, well even thinking about that, i'm 85% this is almost a "gift" from playdom for all those who were complaining about a million and a half other details from the game.

    • In the Heroes department, looks like Playdom knows we're quickly adapting to their changes (…

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