Playdom cut staff quite seriously in 2014, and we see it in longer lead times for new content.  Even so, they have been able to execute a number of successful innovations since then: the daily mission, level-capped PvP, and the current Age of Ultron event which gives every indication of being an engaging, interesting, resource-draining blockbuster by the time it's all rolled out.  Even so, I find several areas of game development and play only partially-developed.  Here are some of the ideas and game aspects I'd like to see PD develop further:

Agent Appearance

"It's not whether you win or lose, but how good you looked" - David Lee Roth

Indulge my vanity.  I know that the agent is designed to be a human, non-powered SHIELD representative, but I still want more opportunity to doll my avatar up: more faces and hair, sure, but don't stop there.  Give me skin from every corner of the Marvel Universe (skrull, kree, molten-looking Savin skin, rocky Thing exoskeleton), unpredictable uniforms (symbiote, Stark Industries armor, 90's X-Men uni), wings (based on Vulture or Archangel), masks (Silver Samurai's mempo, Ghost Rider's head, Daredevil's blindfold)... put me on a goblin glider.  It doesn't have to have any game effect, it can just be bragging rights.  Let me fight hard, die with valor, and leave a beautiful corpse.


"...if you know Heaven and know Earth, your victory may be complete." - Sun Tzu

We have a little bit of location control in the game already, with Malekith, Heimdall, and Mysterio all able to "move" the battle to create or nufllify certain effects.  I'm up for more.  There's comic book precedent aplenty of characters who have managed to take a fight from one place to another in order to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents.  Magik comes to mind, so does Reed Richards.  Nico has shown the ability - albeit not always intentional - to move people from place to place.  Bring more of that into the game to deeper develop this new dimension of combat. 

Class Balance

"Life is about balance.  The good and the bad. The highs and the lows.  The pina and the colada." - Ellen DeGeneres

The game's classes currently have less balance than a two-legged dog.  Of the 34 different tactician heroes in the game, 26 of them have offensive skills that offset the infiltrator bonus, be it via Off-Balance, Generalized, Stealthy attacks, Psychic/Psychic Energy attacks, or Summon attacks (this doesn't include Moonstone, who can L2 for attack-phase).  It is the exception, rather than the rule, for a tactician to proc a counterattack from an infiltrator.  Meanwhile, there are TEN blasters that can prevent their class penalty: all via Exhausted, none have Generalized.  Tacticians essentially have no class penalty and very few ways to offset their class advantage, which is already the strongest one in the game.

Infiltrators, meanwhile, have no means of preventing their class penalty, which would have to be a preemptive attack that applies Winded or Generalized, and there is no such thing.  There's not even an infiltrator with Combo Breaker or Interrupted, which would at least help.  This furthers the advantage of tacticians, as the class they are (nominally) weak to is at greater disadvantage.

So, to my view, balancing the classes means both nerfing tacs and buffing infiltrators.  First, roll the tac bonus back to what it was at the outset of the game, where they can only gain an extra turn on offense following a single-target attack.  This is - and was - plenty powerful without making any blaster AoE an absolute liability (read: Domino).  Secondly, let Combat Reflexes remove debuffs at the time it is applied.  This would do nothing to proc more counters against stealth, psychic, or summon attacks, but it makes it undesirable for a tactician to ever attack an infiltrator, in addition to offsetting the abundant tac-applied Off-Balance and Generalized.

Bosses: More Health, Fewer Actions

"Where's the beef?" - Wendy's

One thing I've really come to resent lately is sitting and watching while PvE enemies take turn after turn.  The Hulkbuster vs. Hulk epic-heroic in the AoU spec ops is the worst of these, as the new Hulk takes about 5 actions per round to Iron Man's 1.  But that's not the only example: many bosses already take two actions a turn, and lead those off with a QA and/or gain additional turns during the fight.  That's boring.  Give me a greater percentage of offensive actions, that's more fun.  Let me put my team's abilities into effect.  Remove the QAs; just give these bosses their extra abilities from the outset and tell us on the tooltip what they are, then limit them to two actions a round.  Since I have nothing holding me to two actions her round, beef up the bosses with greater health and defense in order to make my actions less effective overall.  This will allow for a greater variety of strategies to become viable, and engage the player for a greater part of a battle.

More Simulator, More Different Simulator

"Care to join me on the holodeck, Number One?" Jean-Luc Picard

Currently, the simulator is used primarily as a bottleneck for unlock and covert tasks.  I'd like to see it go from an obstacle to be overcome to an asset to everyone's game. Is it too much to ask for some roulettes when fighting in the simulator?  Regardless, I'd like to see some special operations loaded here permanently: SO1 at original difficulty, for example.  The sim points used are rare enough to really slow things down, but give us a reason to use them even when there's not an LE task on the line.

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