This was the first time in a while that I’d given actual thought to a PvP setup so I’m documenting it here. Feedback welcome, even though this is pretty much just to organize my own thoughts.

My team:

Scrapper agent (ISO: stamina, attack, accuracy)

X-Play X-Ploiter

Gamma Gadget

Quantum Jumper


Scrapper Colossus (ISO: health, attack, accuracy)

Blaster Invisible Woman (ISO: attack)

I deliberately went light on agent offense (brought the Omni/X-Ploiter combo as a last resort) to avoid defensive tricks and counters because I don’t have EA, Psychic Punch, or Goblin Glider. I’m out farming for stealthy weapons but they haven’t landed yet. In hindsight, perhaps I should have held off re-ISOing my scrapper suit until I was ready to, you know, actually attack.

Blaster Suzie should be able to handle any bruisers I come across, so no regrets about toting two scrappers.


Blaster agent

Gamma Booster (x4)


Scarlet Witch

OK, this was NOT what I expected to find when I set up my agent. Right about now I find myself wishing I had the old predictable Cap/Emma... I'd have this wrapped up in no time.

I should note here that my PvP bonus seems to be very low for my level… I’m in the ~7k range and most opponents I encounter are 30k+, and this time out is no different.

I got lucky and go first, with IW immediately following my agent. This sets up Gamma Gadget/Force Spheres very nicely, and I proceed to use that the next few rounds; in fact, I never QJ because I’m so geeked for that turn sequence. Colossus and Fourth Field literally keeps my entire team at 100% full health for four rounds, while Gamma Gadget/Force Spheres and Colossal Smash has eaten about 70% of all the enemy’s health, plus I KO the enemy agent. After that though, Rogue manages to stun Colossus, killing both his current redirect and ability to set a new Steel Curtain, and – keep in mind at this point she’s pretty thoroughly gamma boosted with the scrapper bonus and a significant PvP bonus advantage – kills my agent in one attack. SW drops probability field and lands 4 debuffs on each of my remaining heroes, as well as multiple buffs on herself and Rogue. IW loses a bunch of health from said debuffs, then tries to Force Cage Rogue but for some reason it doesn’t work (is there a failure rate on that I was unaware of?). Colossus, who was already weak from Rogue’s continued attentions, dies of burning, poison, and something else that I don’t remember. IW puts up a valiant last-ditch effort, turning invisible and dodging all 4 punches from Rogue’s next attack, but SW’s hex assault takes the last of what she’s got.

Also, somewhere in there SW used Chaos Shield twice, both times with 100% success, which has literally never happened when I’ve used that skill. Very frustrating. The computer seems to be compensating for unstrategic AI by increasing proc rates. This seems like an important factor in setting passive PvP teams… more frequent stuns would be especially useful.

Mulling over how to deal with the buffs and debuffs, as they were definitely my achilles heel here. All in all I'm fairly satisfied with how the team performed, especially in the early rounds, I just needed to squeeze out a little more damage. Also some concern with how well it will work with IW not following directly after my agent.

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