There seems to be a constant cry to kill any effective characters/weapons/gadgets, drowned out only the the cry to re-release unavailable limited edition equips. Let's take a step back from our blatant cries of self-interest for just a second and look at what this would do to the value of what Playdom offers.

When a new weapon/character/prize ("item") is released, the player who acquires it does so on certain terms: that the item functions a certain way, that the gamer derives a specific benefit, and that if the offer is only valid for a period of time specified by Playdom the benefit is unique to the timing of that acquisition. This is the implied mutual understanding of value between the seller and the buyer.

When Playdom alters the function of an item after it is acquired, they violate the understanding that they had with their consumer by changing the value of the purchase made. When the alteration is to the consumer's benefit, this is acceptable, since it is Playdom adding value to the purchase. However, when it is to the consumer's detriment, this is unacceptable; this tells the consumer that, in the future, you cannot trust Playdom and should not buy from them again because they will not continue to provide the same value that was available at the time of acquisition. This also applies to “limited edition:” when Playdom issues an item and states it is available for a limited amount of time, they are telling the consumer that the benefit they will derive from the item will be unique and unavailable to anyone who does not meet the acquisition qualification (time). The rarity of the limited edition item is part of the value of the purchase; if the item is made less rare, then they are no longer providing that value.

Playdom has often violated this understanding and removed value from the purchases they have offered – there are many examples which I do not care to recount here – but that does not mean that they should continue to do so. Instead, they should learn from their mistakes and alter their policies to improve the level of trust they have with their clients. This means living up to the understanding they have with their customers at the time of purchase, including the effectiveness and rarity of the items they sell. This will encourage players to do more business with Playdom and improve their profitability because they will be known as an honest business partner.

For the benefit of everyone, nerf nothing and re-release nothing.

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