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    May 8, 2015 by Xobai

    Playdom cut staff quite seriously in 2014, and we see it in longer lead times for new content.  Even so, they have been able to execute a number of successful innovations since then: the daily mission, level-capped PvP, and the current Age of Ultron event which gives every indication of being an engaging, interesting, resource-draining blockbuster by the time it's all rolled out.  Even so, I find several areas of game development and play only partially-developed.  Here are some of the ideas and game aspects I'd like to see PD develop further:

    Agent Appearance

    "It's not whether you win or lose, but how good you looked" - David Lee Roth

    Indulge my vanity.  I know that the agent is designed to be a human, non-powered SHIELD representative, but …

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    1.12.2 the Xobai way

    April 24, 2015 by Xobai

    Season 1, Chapter 12, Mission 2 is the most important single mission in MAA.  With two roulettes in two battles - including an epic roulette - it is easily the most efficient place to farm CP.  Once you get there you will run it frequently and repeatedly, so tips on how to run it well are essential.  The faster you can run it, the more CP you can farm.  This blog will focus the main fight, with all 9 enemies, since the Viper epic is much shorter and less difficult to dissect.  For my part, I have gotten to the point that I can often run the main mission, with all 9 enemies, in three rounds or less.  

    My setup:

    I use Bruiser WWII Cap with his personal (Fervent) EISO.  Since WWII Cap and I go way back, I still have him ISO'd with all chaotics.…

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    Which Lockboxes should I buy?

    October 21, 2014 by Xobai

    So, expired Lockboxes are available again (I hope you loaded up at the last gold sale), and everyone wants to get the most for their gold.  These are general guidelines on which LB characters are currently most useful.  As always, you decide for yourself who is best for your game.  For my part, I highly recommend the top two characters, as I currently use them regularly.  I would qualify the bottom 6 characters as good only for completionists.

    1. Magneto : Good damage, preemptive, shield as a QA with Snappy Service in play.  Few characters have held up over an extended period of time like Mags has.

    2. Sandman : Highly playable character with lots of damage.  One of the few true first-round one-shot artists.

    3. Loki : He requires thought to pla…

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    Every time spec ops rolls around, the wiki, the forum, and various FB groups get flooded with "Who should I recruit?" and "Do I spend gold?" questions.  These issues and concerns can seem earth-shattering, but really can be broken down quite simply.

    The answer, every time, lies in priorities.  The objective of the special operation is to acquire the character while expending as few resources as possible.  Since gold is the rarest resource in the game and you need to try to avoid spending it unnecessarily, you should farm CP until the last day of the spec ops and if you haven't been able to assemble the required characters by then, you spend your gold.  This is the one strategy that both meets your top priority (get the character) and preser…

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    Xobai's Hero Reviews

    February 25, 2013 by Xobai

    Work in progress.  Be patient with the formatting and the rest of the content.

    This is a repository of my existing hero reviews. Going forward I will update this blog post and not the main review page whenever I have new or revised content to contribute. I also plan to add notes/stars/awards for different characters that do one specific thing particularly well.

    Black Widow]]

    Black Widow starts small but doesn't stay there, particularly once you get her in her grey tac pajamas.  As if all-stealth, all-counterattacks all the time wasn't enough, she boasts a serious health-draining L6 kick, a viable damage-preventer in her L2 sting, and consistent stuns following her L9.  This is a supremely useful character.

    Iron Man]]

    I miss Unibeam.  The old Un…

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