Even as old-time players who own most heroes and costumes available, one must still be vigilant over your CP count. It's easy to get caught up in a purchasing frenzy, especially with the advent of PvP heroes, and find yourself penniless CP wise. With Playdom obviously ramping up the speed of releases since the lull of December/January, it is important to maintain due vigilance in this respect.

"But you can always convert Gold to CP!" Of course, but the truth is that the true 'value' of Gold, as a premium currency, far exceeds that of CP (which is theoretically almost free given the right amount of luck and energy).

I'm a collector, so I must buy everything. I tend to keep a very close eye on my CP spending, but I have my moments of weakness as well. My train of thought went from 'collecting all heroes and limited outfits, default class only' (easily achieved) to 'collecting all heroes and the default class of ONE outfit for each hero' (I managed this in November) to, now, 'collecting all heroes and the default class of ALL outfits for each hero' (again, I took the plunge in March since the Hawkeye buff, and have had no regrets).

But one can't help feel that there is never enough CP. I'm a student, so I can't just buy Gold as I please, not until I start working anyway.

This is where resource prudence comes in. I always set a minimum CP quota aside, which allows me to spend freely when the next release comes along. If I fall below that benchmark due to purchases, I must be able to quickly breach the threshold again.

My minimum budget each month is 225 CP. 1 PvP hero (I do not play PvP seriously), and 1 regular release hero. Do not count on any more releases below 90 CP. That's just how it's done. Ask LoL. You will inevitably spend more if more heroes or alt suits are released regularly, but so far, the rate is manageable.

I currently have 531 CP. There is a minimum of 200 CP I must maintain at all times in my account. This is added to the monthly 225 CP budget (reserved for Black Knight and X-23). So I have another 90 CP good to go once Black Knight drops for purchase.

Additionally, I have set myself the following farming targets:

- Fantomex (135 CP)

- Iron Patriot (likely 32-40 CP, I'm going with the mean of 36)

- Iron Man 3 costume (likely 45-50 CP, I'm going with 50 to be safe)

- new suit that drops before PvP 6 ends (estimated 32 CP, 45 CP if it is for a 90 CP character)

That's about 250 CP. I have about 215 CP more to go, and was averaging about 60-100 CP a week doing casual runs before this. Wish me luck!

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