• Wuming01

    Even as old-time players who own most heroes and costumes available, one must still be vigilant over your CP count. It's easy to get caught up in a purchasing frenzy, especially with the advent of PvP heroes, and find yourself penniless CP wise. With Playdom obviously ramping up the speed of releases since the lull of December/January, it is important to maintain due vigilance in this respect.

    "But you can always convert Gold to CP!" Of course, but the truth is that the true 'value' of Gold, as a premium currency, far exceeds that of CP (which is theoretically almost free given the right amount of luck and energy).

    I'm a collector, so I must buy everything. I tend to keep a very close eye on my CP spending, but I have my moments of weakness …

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  • Wuming01

    Valkyrie is useless!

    Quicksilver is useless!

    Tigra is useless!

    Beast is useless!


    Sorry that none of them use flashy hellfire attacks, are overly *dark/grim* or appeal to your inner 13-year-old macho man. Sorry that they might not *appear* to do big damage from the get-go (which actually does not even apply to Tigra or Valkyrie). But that does not mean they are useless!!! Not every character is full of wangst, teen male appeal or is a simple one-dimensional damage machine like Human Torch!

    I mean these are the same people who think that Deadpool is 'so OP' even back when he had 1) obvious stamina issues 2) a tedious setup to Happy to See You, not even to mention the tendency to nerf himself!

    Goodness.[/end rant]

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