We are finishing 2015, and it's time to look at what characters will be added in 2016. Hopefully MAA won't be shut down so soon, at least not until Season 2 is over. So I will be predicting heroes I think will come next year.

I don't believe in any Fox-character ban (already talked about that, not going to repeat), and I still predict some of them will come in 2016 for some specific reasons. Though I know 2015 was a year with several characters that are in current maintream of comics, movies and TV, and certainly 2016 won't be much different.

This blog will constantly be updated. And I'm assuming that Colleen Wing and Howard the Duck will be released still in 2015.

Please notice that these images are from Marvel Wiki or Imgur. None of them are hosted on this wiki.

Here are my predictions, and reasons for each one of them.

Red She-Hulk

A-Bomb was one of the weirdest releases of this year. He's certainly not an A-class character, and he isn't on the current mainstream in comics, movies or TV, specially since Agents of Smash was cancelled. So his release means that other Hulk-characters are coming, since Playdom likes to release characters in batches. And Red She-Hulk is one of the best options.


Same as Red She-Hulk. He will be one of the Hulk-wave members.

Monica Rambeau

My first A-class prediction is Monica Rambeau. She is a former Avenger, she's powerful and is a must-have in the game. And she was Nextwave leader. Elsa Bloodstone is already in MAA, and since devs like to release characters in batches, there's no one better than Monica to be released.


You guys want more Inhumans? Yes, they will be released. My main prediction is Synapse, a new character that is featuring in Uncanny Avengers. We already have all other members of this team: Steve Rogers, Rogue, Cable, Deadpool, Quicksilver, Doctor Voodoo and Human Torch. She would be a perfect reward hero for a SO based on Uncanny Avengers.

Winter Soldier

Producer Justin Woods said in San Diego Comic-Con this year (July) that they have plans for him to the next months. We already are in December and nothing yet. I thought he would be this Christmas lockbox character, but Howard the Duck took that his place. So this is a late release I'm predicting for 2016.


He is mentioned in Cannonball's recruitment dialogue. We already know that characters mentioned use to be released as playable characters.

Also he's the leader of current formation of New Avengers. And he's featured in Jonathan Hickman's run on Avengers comic book. I mean, he is definitely on the current mainstream of comics.

Besides that, Magik's alternate covert task final dialogue is a signal of more New Mutants members coming. We already got Magik and Cannonball. They have a team-up bonus because of that. We're gonna get more.


Another New Mutants member I'm predicting (see Sunspot prediciton above). She is a pretty well-known character for those who actually read comics and not only watch superhero movies.

Dani Moonstar

I predict we're gonna get 5 New Mutants in total. My last prediction is Mirage, or Danielle Moonstar. She is more important than Cypher, Warlock, Karma and Magma. And she is linked to Asgard, We know MAA loves to tell asgardian stories.


Kate Bishop isn't a character important enough to be an isolated release, so her release is a clear signal of more Young Avengers coming.

Let's remember how Runaways came to this game. The first was Nico Minoru in December 2013. The second was Molly Hayes, 12 months later. I predict something similar will happen to Young Avengers. Kate was released last June 1st, so I'd expect the next members will start arriving in April or May 2016. One of them will be Wiccan, one of the most important members of YA. I predict he will have some synergy with Scarlet Witch just like Kate with Hawkeye.


More Young Avengers. I expect Hulking release close to Wiccan. One of them by general release, the other via SO reward.


The final Young Avenger will be Speed. I predict he'll be released as Adamantium League reward in a PvP Tournament starting in April or May 2016.


She's gonna have her first ongoing solo series in All New, All-Different Marvel. And she's a former Avenger and Defender. It's only a matter of time to her release.


Please notice that this isn't the most-known version of Nighthawk. This is his Earth-31916 version, current member of Squadron Supreme. We already have Thundra and Hyperion from this team. Unlike New Mutants, Squadron Supreme doesn't have a team-up bonus, so this release is a bit unlikely.


Another current member of Squadron Supreme. Possible, but unlikely as Nighthawk (see above).


She was one of the most requested characters from gold giveaway recently. If devs want to please their customers, Jubilee is one of the best options.

Silver Surfer

The most requested character on gold giveaway, by a huge margin. There's no better way to satisfy MAA players than releasing him.

Also producer Justin Woods said the chance of his release was "very high" when asked sometime ago. Besides that, Woods said in an interview with that "there may or may not be a story down the road that we’re trying to tell with him [Nova] and some of the other space characters" by the time of Nova release. No other space character came since then. Silver Surfer might be one of them.


No specific reason to her release. Just the fact she's a classic Avenger from 90's. We really need more classic Avengers. In 2015 we had only 5 characters that are or were members of this team.


We have many members of Thunderbolts. Songbird is still missing. Despite we have so many Thunderbolts in MAA, there was no SO-themed with them yet. Songbird would be a perfect SO reward for a Thunderbolts SO. Also she's a member of New Avengers (Sunspot team). She's still on the maninstream of comics.


People were already expecting him for 2015. Not in current mainstream of Marvel, but a very important character. One of the most veteran Avengers. He would be a great release.


All I just said for Swordsman also counts for Mantis. Besides being a classic Avenger, she was a Guardians of the Galaxy member in Dan Abnett's run of their comics.

Ulysses Bloodstone

We already have his daughter in the game. Kraven and Sabretooth have a team-up bonus called Avengers 1959. I consider this a signal of more members of this team joining MAA someday. Ulysses Bloodstone seems to be the best option.

Old Man Logan

Yes, he is definitely on current mainstream of comics. He's a member of Extraordinary X-Men, which is a really great series. If you aren't reading it, go read it now!

Creative Director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann wouldn't let him being released in Puzzle Quest in 2015 if all this conspiracy theory were true, because in 2017 Fox is going to make a movie for him – the last movie of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. For the same reason, Axel Alonso wouldn't let Old Man Logan being a member of Extraordinary X-Men.

Being in current manstream of comics and already in a Marvel game makes him a strong prediction for MAA in 2016. If we get one mutant-related SO this year, he will be the reward hero.


Jonathan Hickman's run on Avengers is pretty good, but unfortunately Marvel Games seems to ignore it. At least MAA have Cannonball and Hyperion with his Modern uniform. Sunspot is also on my predictions (see above). I think we're might be getting some more members of this team. Smasher seems to be a pretty solid choice.


Same as Smasher. He was also a Hickman's Avengers member. Unlike Smasher, though, Shang-Chi is a really important character in Marvel Universe. And he was a member of Heroes for Hire, a team that was on mainstream of this game in 2015. This is a pretty strong prediction. I wonder why most people aren't predicting him. You guys really should watch less movies and read more comic books.


Someday MAA storyline will point to a Secret Wars tie-in, that's for sure (unless the game is shut down). One of the best options for a SO based on that event is Singularity, an A-Force member. We already have Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Nico Minoru and Medusa. The only remaining members are Singularity and Dazzler.

The reason I have high expectations for her is there's an action in MAA called Cosmic Singularity on Small Hadron Collider, and Singularity is a cosmic character. That may be teaser for her release.


I also predict the sixth member of A-Force, Dazzler. Her release should be close to Singularity.

It's important to notice that A-Force doesn't have a team-up bonus, but it can change with Dazzler or Singularity release. Also, She-Hulk is still transformed into Skirn, so that should be a problem for the story.

Cullen Bloodstone

After the announcement of Cammi Benally, I think it's safe to predict more Avengers Arena characters. Playdom enjoys to release characters in batches and devs are really great fans of this comic.

But why Cullen? Because his sister are already in the game, and I'm predicting their father as well (see above).

More predictions coming next.

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