• Wrathchild000

    After the announcement of MAA's impending doom (but not this impending doom) I noticed that most of the people are dealing with it very bad. I know some long-time players that celebrated (!!!) the announcement, others that literally cried. Also some people are skipping the tasks of current SO, while others can't see any reason to continue to play. That's why I'll make a short text trying to explain why its still worth playing MAA until September 30.

    First, try to remember of when you started playing. What was your goal? Why you spent so much time on a Facebook game? I'm sure you don't like to waste time on boring things. You all had fun with this game. Second question: did you expect that MAA would be still active forever? It would be such …

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  • Wrathchild000

    My 2016 Predictions

    December 10, 2015 by Wrathchild000

    We are finishing 2015, and it's time to look at what characters will be added in 2016. Hopefully MAA won't be shut down so soon, at least not until Season 2 is over. So I will be predicting heroes I think will come next year.

    I don't believe in any Fox-character ban (already talked about that, not going to repeat), and I still predict some of them will come in 2016 for some specific reasons. Though I know 2015 was a year with several characters that are in current maintream of comics, movies and TV, and certainly 2016 won't be much different.

    This blog will constantly be updated. And I'm assuming that Colleen Wing and Howard the Duck will be released still in 2015.

    Please notice that these images are from Marvel Wiki or Imgur. None of them ar…

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