• Workmaal

    As shown in How to "Park" Your Agent by Brian Yak, it is beneficial to level up your heroes to a higher level than your opponents’ heroes in order to gain a significant boost in PVP combat.

    However, in order to dominate in PVP you’ll not only want higher level heroes, but you’ll also need more heroes than your opponents. Parking your agent is fine to level up your existing heroes, but it doesn’t help you collect new ones. Your agent's level will start rising once you try collecting heroes via:

    • Farming Command Points (see How to Farm Command Points by Potkettleblack)
    • Earning the Admantium League PVP award
    • Completing all 25 Special Ops tasks

    This post shows how to minimize your agent’s level when playing MAA. It is meant to be useful for folks wa…

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