A little background: A while back a few of us on the official forum started tossing around challenges for the heck of it for PvP to try to liven it up for those who were bored with the same old set-ups and what not.

Then the season started, and we ran out of space on the main post, and then we got busy and stopped.  And it died for a season. 

So now I'm going to try to revive it here for those who are curious and where I can hopefully add to it a little more easily.  What follows is the original posting with credit to those who contributed challenges on the main board.  The hope is to revive it here for posterity and add to it over time.  So with that:

This post is designed to help liven up PvP for those who want/need such a thing. The hope is that even if you don’t care about prizes or anything aside from the roulette/lockboxes, maybe some of the challenges here can add a little something to the play experience. The idea is to take the emphasis off the rating chase for those who don’t care about that or are just working through it for whatever reason (like daily prizes); of course, if you’re hard core and want to try these, feel free.

All challenges are for fun. There is no prize here for completing these save what you get out of it and maybe bragging rights.

Yes, some armories/bonuses would blow through these no matter what. Of course, if you wanted to nerf your armory, feel free.  That is possible now, after all.

Yes, the game will still be buggy. But again, these don’t worry about that.

Pics of completing the challenges would be welcome if possible.

Challenges may have multiple levels of difficulty.

So here’s an example of a challenge with different levels of difficulty:

Blademaster (easier):
Your team can only consist of characters that use blades or bladed weapons specifically in their visible character design (X-23, Wolverine, Elektra, Union Jack, Shatterstar, Black Knight, Swashbuckler Nightcrawler, Ares, Psylocke, Magik, Deadpool, or Sif). Further, your characters would only be able to use moves that specifically use their blades in some way for the battle (so no “Personal War” for Ares or “Mental Coordination” for Psylocke). The only exception to this rule is on a counter-attack/follow-up attack (which is out of the players hands). All alternate costumes are allowed. Finally, your agent must equip any 2 bladed weapons for use but may fill the other two slots with anything else and use all items freely. Your team must defeat three PvP teams using this set-up to complete this challenge.

Swordmaster (harder):
Your team can only consist of characters that use swords specifically in their visible character design (Shatterstar, Black Knight, Swashbuckler Nightcrawler, Ares, Psylocke, Magik, Deadpool, or Sif). Further, your characters would only be able to use moves that specifically use their swords in some way for the battle (so no “Personal War” for Ares or “Mental Coordination” for Psylocke). The only exception to this rule is on a counter-attack/follow-up attack (which is out of the players hands). All alternate costumes are allowed. Finally, your agent may only be equipped with swords. No other equipment is allowed in this challenge. Your team must defeat three PvP teams using this set-up to complete this challenge.

Now, I have some ideas for challenges, but they’re limited at this point. What I’d like to see is some input, and maybe some others have some thoughts of what would make a fun/interesting PvP challenge. Please try to think it through (what characters are involved? What equipment? What makes it a success?)

Here are two more shorter ones to get us started:

Finish 3 PvP battles by eliminating every single member of the opposing team with a brutal strike attack. By design, this challenge requires the use of Elektra, X-23, Satana and Archangel as at least one member of the team.

Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight:
Your team must consist of only characters visibly carrying guns as part of their design (War Machine/Iron Patriot, Cable, Bishop, Deadpool, Union Jack, Fantomex, or Punisher). Your agent, at a minimum, must equip 3 non-sword, non-axe, bladed weapons (so knives, sais, daggers, etc.). No gun weapons/cannons may be used by the agent. Win 5 battles with this set-up.

Gods Above (from Jedi Master):

Team of Herc, Ares, Thor, Sif, or Valkyrie
In addition the Agent must carry God-like weapons such as Mechanical Moljnir or Thunder Strike.

Natural Partners (from Ben Poindexter):

You can only use a team that has a unique Team-up bonus in PVE - examples DeadPool and Cable (Six Packs and Powders), Gambit and Rogue(Southern Comfort), Beast and Wonderman (Rad Bromance), etc. Win 3 PVP battles with 3 different Natural Partner restriction on Agent slotting.

WE DO EVERYTHING, GENERALLY (from Ben Poindexter):
Win 5 PVP battles using only generalists (Rogue, Beast, Punisher, Angel, Mockingbird, Quicksilver) Agent must also be a generalist and equip 1 slashing or melee weapon, 1 ranged weapon, 1 support item, and 1 aoe weapon or item.

Ladies Night (from Jedi Master):

Your team must be composed of female heroes ONLY for 11 battles. If you have a female agent, then the agent can also carry weapons, but if you have a male agent, he can only carry support/remove debuff/heal items.

A Slap in the Face (from Ben Poindexter):

Win 3 pvp battles and only use Heroes that use their hands and feet to fight...(Iron Fist, Thing, hulk, Rulk, Rogue, Kitty Pride, QS, Hank Pym, Mr Fantastic, Juggernaut, etc.) Its okay if they have 1 power that isn't melee (I.e. hulks Titanic Hurl or She-hulks throwing granite, or kitty prides dragon), but they have to be a mainly melee warrior. Agent also can only equip melee weapons (no swords, guns, etc.) fist and feet only, and support items.

Nobody likes me, but I'm not so bad (From Ben Poindexter/The Maestro):

Nobody Likes Me:
Must team up any of the lowest tier Heroes (i.e Silver League for the win) that are almost never legitimately seen in PVP and no LE or customized gear/trench on the Agent

Those include the following: Spider-woman, Luke Cage, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic, She-Hulk, Thing, Deadpool, Wasp, Punisher, Hank Pym, Beast, and Constrictor.
Either win 5 total wins or get 3 in a row against someone with same basic rating (within 100 points)

but I'm not so bad:
Win 3 PVP battles with a team that is notoriously bad in PVP (i.e. Luke Cage and Spider-Woman) Agent restrictions: No trenches and agent can only use silver bought items that are lvl 30 and below. No LE, Spec Op, PVP or Premium weapons or items.

Operation Counterstrike (from Giulio Guasti):
Heroes Available: two with pre-emptive counterstrike like Ares, Elektra, Magneto, Psylocke
Agent must have at least 1 object that gives him pre-emptive effects, like Mahayuga and Savant-Spear, one not prehemptive weapon and two supporting gear of any kind.

Win 5 consecutive battles in which everyone in your team made at least a single pre-emptive action

Patriots (From Jedi Master)
Must use Captain America and Captain Britain or Union Jack. Agent must carry patriotic weapons like Spirit 76 and Second Amendment. Must win 50 matches (50 states) with no member of the team dying (leave no man behind).

Sorcerers Ways (from Jedi Master):
Must use Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch. Agent must use items that are listed as "magic". To complete task agent must win 5 matches where he applies more than 3 debuffs to opposing team.

Does Whatever an Octo-Spidey Can:
Spider-Man (any alt) with Spiderwoman as the team. The agent may only equip as many as he/she would like of the Web Blaster, Galvanic Arm, Electro-static Arm, or Spider-Sense Injectors (stacking these is still...interesting). The agent may wear any trench. Win 3 battles with this team.

Thieves in the Night:
The team you have to use must include a combination of Storm, Gambit, Fantomex, or Black Cat. The agent must be in any infiltrator trench. The only equipment that the Agent is allowed to carry are items that drain health/stamina from the opposition and gives them to the agent or party. Gear allowed for this challenge would include Signpost, Sword of the Barony (custom or otherwise), Kuzuri, Sacrificial Blade, and the Doombringer (among others). Take 100 rating points from the opposition with this team.

The Doc is In (from Ben Poindexter):
win 5 pvp battles and must only use heroes that are Doctorates: Beast, Iron Man, Mr fantastic, Hank Pym...etc and Agent must only equip Healing or buffing items...Nano Nurse, Shepherd staff, Scrolls of Mesalem or Angolob, Heroic Call, Neurotrope, and Curative Reach among others could be gear. Scroll of Ociberi Nomaj is forbidden from use as it damages the other side, as are items like Signpost that do something similar.

Gene Theory:
The player has access to these heroes as his team: Archangel, X-23, Fantomex, Black Cat, Shatterstar, Luke Cage, Spiderwoman, Wonderman, Red Hulk and Wasp (all characters that received their powers as a result of deliberate experimental treatments). The player as a minimum must carry and use Specimen Scanners and Ionic Emitter as gear. If the player has it, Multishot Injector should also be used. Finally, the player needs to carry one additional piece of team buffing gear (Neurotrope, Heroic Call, Gamma Gadget, Offensive Accelerator and others would be suitable). Win 5 battles.

The Beast Within:
The player may only use Beast, Squirrel Girl, Sabretooth and Tigra as members of their team. The Agent may only attack the opposing side with the following: Snikt, Feral Claw (any), Brutal Claw, Cat's Claw, Sabretooth's Claws, or Foley's Heart Tickler. This is not negated by counter-attacks/follow-up attacks. Further, the Agent must be in a Bruiser Uniform (for enraged). However, the agent may also carry any other gear that they feel will assist their team. Win 2 PvP battles with this set-up.

I Heart Chris Evans (from Ycarus):

Win all 5 dailies using WWII/Avengers Captain America and Classic Human Torch.

Don Masks (from MAAdict):
Use only male heroes that are wearing a mask: ironman, hawkeye, cap a, cyclops, daredevil, classic ht (since we cant see his face), iron fist, spiderman, war machine, wolverine, black panther, deadpool, cap b, hank pym, black knight, vision, fantomex, union jack, juggernaut & constrictor. agent can only use support gadgets.

3 wins in a row - w/o juggernaut, cyclops, ironman, ipwm & wovlerine.

5 wins in a row - using all masked heroes.

Mysterious divas (from MAAdict):
Female ver of heroes who wears a mask, black cat, kitty pryde, ms marvel, spiderwoman, mockingbird & rescue. agent to use the same criterias as the Don masks.

3 win in a row requirement.

Roadkill Cafe:
For this challenge, the player may only use a combination of Valkyrie, Punisher, Black Knight, and Ghost Rider. Once each turn, the player must initiate one attack from these characters that results in running over the entire other side with some mode of transportation (use Flight of the Valkyrie, Battle Van, Valinor, or Burn Out; use of Highway to Hell is encouraged as well if playing Ghost Rider when he can't run everyone down). Further, the Agent must utilize either Maggia Triggerman, any Batstone, any Lewis, or the Skullsplitter at least once when attacking. Any other gear is allowed. Win 3 matches using this squad.

May the Future Be with You (from MAAdict):
Using all Future Foundation members. win 3 matches. Agent must equip at least 1 future theme weapon/gadget. (use at least 1x)

We All Love Phoenixes (from MAAdict):
Using all Phoenix 5 members, win 5 matches in a row. The agent must equip at least 2 Phoenix theme weapons. i.e Phoenix flare, Phoenix Pinion, Cosmic Flame or their lesser equivalents all count for this.

Shields? What Shields? (from MAAdict):

Team can consist of heroes who have skills that can break shields: ironman mk42, havok, shatterstar & juggernaut. The agent has to slot and use at least one shield breaker weapon, i.e laser cutter. win 5 matches.

What a Stunner (from MAAdict):
heroes who can stunned. too many to name...zzz agent to use weapon that have a chance to stun. win 10 matches (update later)

Out of Power:
This is a non-win the match challenge. Rather, your goal in the match is to drain enough stamina from the other side in order to force every character on the other side to use a turn to recharge once during the match. Deathfrost is the primary ability that does this. Any heroes are available, but Magik is the only hero capable of having a 100% chance to apply Deathfrost to drain stamina from others each match. Heroic Hawkeye can use his electric arrows to drain stamina while Constrictor could proc a Mystical Munition to do this as well, but these are more random events. The agent should use Signpost to help each turn, and Fury (if set-up right), Heir of Hell, Hammering Nail, Laufey's Needle, and Laufey's Knife are all gear that can reduce stamina with Deathfrost. This challenge is complete when this has been done once regardless of if the match is won or lost.

The Bodyguards (from Wallace1985):

Use ONLY heroes that protect either with passive or techniques such as Captain America, Colossus, Luke Cage, Nightcrawler, Spider-Man, Thing, Wolverine, Hercules, Valkyrie, Omega Sentinel, Rescue, Black Knight, Red Hulk and Wonder Man. The agent must use at least one piece of equipment to protect as well. Win 10 matches.

The Avengers (from Wallace1985):

Use ONLY Avengers Iron Man, Avengers Thor, Avengers Black Widow, Avengers Captain America, Avengers Hulk and Avengers Hawkeye. Win 5 matches.

Golden Oldies (from The Maestro):

Use Heroes that are from Marvel's Golden Age (participated in or were old enough to be adults that could have contributed). Current list is Captain America, Union Jack, Hercules, Ares, Wolverine, Magneto, and Dr. Strange. Agent can only use Golden weapons. Must win 5 DEFENSE battles...

Mutations for Everyone! (from The Maestro):

Use heroes that were not born with mutations/powers but obtained them from mutation causing events (i.e they are mutates, not mutants) or from exposure to some type of radiation/particle. Current list is Hulk, Spider-man, Spider-woman, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, Hank Pym, Wasp, and Deadpool. Agent must equip at least one item that from the following: Genetic Re-engineering set, Devolver, any Ionic weapons, Mutagen Emitter, or an item that uses/exploits Radiation. If you use Hulk then it has to be 10 attacking wins, otherwise simply 5.

Super Soldiers (from The Maestro):

Use heroes that went through a type of "super soldier" program: current list is Captain America, Union Jack, Wolverine, Deadpool, X-23, Fantomex, and Luke Cage. Agent can only use Tech weapons/gear. Must win 5 attacks and 5 defenses because that is what they were made for...

Out of this World! (from The Maestro):

Use heroes that have their origin or gained their powers from a source not on Earth-616. This includes aliens, gods, and the multiverse (although I excluded those who were sired from a god or demon or deal with sorcery). Heroes are Shatterstar, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Juggernaut, Thor, Sif, Valkyrie, Thundra, and Bishop. You must win 10 attacks but you must use a DIFFERENT combination of those heroes in every fight...

The BIG Shots (from Wallace1985):
Use ONLY Colossus, Juggernaut, She-Hulk, Thing, Thor, Hercules, Red Hulk and Hulk. Win 5 matches in a row.

Mental Crushers (from Wallace1985):
Use ONLY heroes with Psychic techniques such as Emma Frost, Magneto, Phoenix, Cable, Psylocke and Ghost Rider. Agent must use at least one Psychic Energy weapon like Phoenix Pinion. Win 10 matches.

The Normies (from LurkingAround):
In this challenge, you may only used non-enhanced heroes for your team. These include the Punisher, Union Jack, Black Knight, Mockingbird, Elektra and Hawkeye.

The Normies (expert) (from LurkingAround; modified by OP):
In this challenge, you may only used non-enhanced heroes for your team. These include the Punisher, Union Jack, Black Knight, Mockingbird, Elektra and Hawkeye. In addition, the Agent must be a generalist. Further, the Agent may only use non-buffing, non-stat enhancing gear of any kind. Health restores can be used, but anything that buffs a stat that isn't inherent to a character's move set is out.

Once You Go Juggernaut...:
Your team is Juggernaut paired with She-Hulk. The Agent must wear the Bruiser trench. Further, the Agent can only freely attack with weapons that boost the attack stats of the entire team (not the individual). Items that do this include Warbringer Axe, Warsplitter Axe, and Girl's Best Friend. If the Agent lacks these, he must first buff the entire team with any item that helps increase attack or causes the entire team to have a critical hit guaranteed on the next attack. Items that do that include Gamma Gadget, Offensive Accelerator, and Neurotrope. After the buff is done once in the round, the Agent may freely attack with any other weapons for the duration of the fight. Win your daily 5 battles doing this.

Class Warfare:
For this challenge, you may use any characters that you would like in any alts that ARE NOT Generalist. Characters that can change classes but start generalist are not allowed. These two requirements eliminate Beast, Rogue, Mockingbird, Punisher and Angel (though Archangel alts can be used) from consideration for this challenge. Further, the Agent must be any class besides a Generalist and cannot wear any armor or carry any gear that causes Generalized or that neutralizes class bonuses (such as placing Exhaustion on a Tactician or Neutralized on a Bruiser). This stipulation extends to characters chosen for battle (so Havok cannot use his level 6 to avoid Tac bonuses, for example).

Now, when in battle, you can only attack the classes, if any, that your classes strengthen. Therefore, Tacs can only attack Infiltrators, Infiltrators may only attack Scrappers, Scrappers may only attack Bruisers, Bruisers may only attack Blasters, and Blasters may only attack Tacticians. You must follow this until the class in opposition is eliminated; at this point, the class you own may attack anyone else freely. So, for example, a team of all Infiltrators would have to eliminate all opposing Scrappers before being allowed to attack any other classes present in the fight). If a character's counter-class is not present in a battle, it may attack freely from the start. Win your daily 5 doing this.

It's a Hard Knock Life for Us:
Your character choices for your team here are Bishop, Daredevil, Elektra, Hawkeye, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, Human Torch, Magneto, Spider-Man, Storm, The Thing and Wolverine. For the duration of each battle, the Agent cannot help in the combat in any way. When it is the Agent's turn, he must refresh. Use of equipment or armor that creates situations like counter-attacks or pre-emptive strikes is forbidden as well as any equipment that protects or gives an extra turn. Win 5 battles this way.

PvP for the win! (From The Maestro)
Your team can only use PvP Reward Heroes: Deadpool, Cable, Psylocke, Punisher, X-23, Fantomex, Shatterstar, Rulk, Angel, and Bishop. Agent gear can only be those that are PvP rewards or from completing PvP tasks (PvP roulette DOES NOT count, but Incursion gear does): Focal Plasma Cannon, Nanite Nail Gun, Scroll of Angolob, Army of One, Chakra Strike, Spirit Edge, SHIELD Slugger, Savant's Spear, Sparkplugger, Emerald Prism, and Shepherd's Staff. If you have a PvP armor it must be equipped. You must win all 5 of your daily wins needed to get the roulette with this team (i.e. wins that do not count toward your daily 5 do not count) and you must do this for a minimum of 3 days.

I'm not such a bad guy: (From Ben Poindexter)

win 5 battles using only lock box villains (Magneto, Satana, Constrictor, Elektra, Juggernaut, Omega Sentinel, Loki, Sabretooth) No Restrictions on Agent Gear.

Leave Him to Me:

You may have any characters or suits that you would like. Equipment is limited to only items that do not counter-attack; anything that creates a counter-attack is forbidden here (eliminating items like Neurotrope or Heavy Sai). Protect equipment is allowed provided that it does not counter-attack. Likewise, any moves that create a counter-strike ability on the Agent (like Cyclops Evasive Manuevers) are forbidden for use in the combat. The basis of the challenge is simple: Your agent must defeat the opposing agent without any help. Your Agent may only attack the opposing Agent until one or the other is dead (if that means that an opposing hero protects the agent, then that's life, but your agent must target the opposing Agent each attack). Attacking other heroes in any way is forbidden (barring a protection scenario). Similarly, your heroes are only allowed to attack other heroes until your agent is dead (again, barring protection); if the opposing heroes are dead and the opposing agent still lives, your heroes must refresh or do buffing moves until your agent is dead. Kill ten agents this way.

NEW! Death by a Million Debuffs

Using any gear or heroes, eliminate the entire opposition using debuffs.  You may strike the opposing side to lay on the debuffs, but the challenge is only considered completed if each of the opposing characters is eliminated by a debuff procing and defeating them when it is their turn.  If you strike a character in any way to eliminate them (counters, follow-ups, etc.), then the challenge is also failed.

Win five battles this way.

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