• Wondermoose

    MAA PVP Challenge List

    November 15, 2013 by Wondermoose

    A little background: A while back a few of us on the official forum started tossing around challenges for the heck of it for PvP to try to liven it up for those who were bored with the same old set-ups and what not.

    Then the season started, and we ran out of space on the main post, and then we got busy and stopped.  And it died for a season. 

    So now I'm going to try to revive it here for those who are curious and where I can hopefully add to it a little more easily.  What follows is the original posting with credit to those who contributed challenges on the main board.  The hope is to revive it here for posterity and add to it over time.  So with that:

    This post is designed to help liven up PvP for those who want/need such a thing. The hope i…

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