Hello everyone, and welcome to the M:AA rookie's guide to dealing w/ who, IMO, is one of the most annoying & difficult bosses early on in the game. Now, I myself am a rookie to the blogs on the wiki, so bear with me with this stuff, as I aim to get better, while hoping to contribute to my fellow players.

I started playing M:AA in October, during GR's SpecOps. By the time I had gotten to Mission 2.3, I was leveled in the mid-late 20's, and had recruited Black Cat, Sif and Modern Thor (used money here), taken Ms. Marvel as my freebie, and had the Starters. My agent had an Infiltrator Jumper Suit, and the one weapon I remember carrying was the Katana.

Now mind you, this was before the new stuff we have now, so back then it was pretty difficult. Plus, just starting out, it was very difficult for me. Figuring other rookies may have trouble now, this blog idea was born. So here is some advice on how to beat an early on hard boss.

Reminder: Elektra is the Epic Boss, and to get to her one needs a scrapper and Black Cat for deploys.

1st- DON'T TAKE ANY INFILTRATORS WITH YOU TO THE FIGHT. Elektra is backed up by 2 scrapper Hand ninjas, and they'll make quick work of your infiltrators. Trust me, my agent didn't last 2 rounds.

2nd- You already have a guaranteed scrapper on your side: Daredevil is a mandatory team up here in this fight, and as scrapper beats infiltrator, that's a good weapon against her.

3rd-No matter what you try and do, those Internal Bleedings aren't coming off. It's the only DoT effect in the game that can't be removed and prevented. No Coagulator will save you from that, though now I believe that it can remove but doesn't prevent more applications. Worse is that Elektra has a built in counter attack, which will also apply internal bleeding to your team.

I personally took 3 tries to beat Elektra, and my final use was Sif, and of course, DD and the agent. If you want to try this line up, here's what you can to:

1st, if your Sif is already at level 6, use Inspire Bravery; back then it wasn't a quick action, but now can help fortify your team and get another turn, in which you use Leaping Slash on Elektra, then start spamming Thrust on her.

2nd, prior to the battle, if you have the gold, buy the dermo suit bruiser uniform, or the cheaper silver version. Either way, it provides you with a way to deal w/ those scrappers. When you're not attacking, use items on Elektra, preferably ones that also have Damage over Time {DoT} effects like poison or burning, both which lower base attack and defense, respectively.

3rd, Daredevil can be useful, too; after using his L2 quick action, use Snap Kick to lower Elektra's defense w/ Exposure, and remember, Scrappers always get free follow ups on infiltrators like Elektra.

4rd, try to focus on Elektra first, then deal w/ the ninjas. She's the biggest threat of the 3, and once she's gone, the ninjas are easy to crush.

So, in summary, when facing Elektra, try bringing in another scrapper {a hero or your agent w/ a scrapper uniform} and a bruiser { again a hero or agent w/ bruiser uniform} to back up DD. Apply DoT effects and just widdle her down to death. And focus on her first and you'll be good. Just watch out for internal bleeding.

There you have it, a rookie's guide to Epic Boss Elektra in 2.3. I hope this helps, fellow agents. Feedback is appreciated, constuctive criticism, etc.. I hope, again, to better myself in writing blogs to help you guys out. Until, next time, this is Wolverine94. Assemble, Bub.

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