• Wolverine94

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the M:AA rookie's guide to dealing w/ who, IMO, is one of the most annoying & difficult bosses early on in the game. Now, I myself am a rookie to the blogs on the wiki, so bear with me with this stuff, as I aim to get better, while hoping to contribute to my fellow players.

    I started playing M:AA in October, during GR's SpecOps. By the time I had gotten to Mission 2.3, I was leveled in the mid-late 20's, and had recruited Black Cat, Sif and Modern Thor (used money here), taken Ms. Marvel as my freebie, and had the Starters. My agent had an Infiltrator Jumper Suit, and the one weapon I remember carrying was the Katana.

    Now mind you, this was before the new stuff we have now, so back then it was pretty difficult.…

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