I have a list of old weapons and i just came back to the game so i dont know if they're still useful so if you could help me it would be gladly appreciated

  • Prototype High-tech gauntlet
  • Coulson Special
  • Staff of tepid storms
  • Smouldering Sword
  • Chakra Strike
  • Crooked Grin
  • Maggia "Triggerman"
  • Titanium RPG-7
  • Infernal Trident
  • Trident
  • Reboot
  • Vajra
  • Volt Caster
  • Lightning Needle
  • Pym-Grown Needle
  • Warbringer Axe
  • Sacrificial Blade
  • Mutant's End
  • Acinaces
  • Spatha
  • Touch of Madripoor
  • Stark Industries Catalyst

When i was playing the game, my most powerful combo was passively using Touch Madripoor, Stark Industries Catalyst, Maggia "Triggerman" and Warbringer Axe. are these still viable and are any of the above still worth reforging please tell me.

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