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  • Witchking99

    Fire Team

    May 19, 2016 by Witchking99

    Hi guys Im making a Fire Burning Team. I just need some opinions on it.

    So I have Annihulus Human Torch and Sun Fire. and I was thinking of using my Blaster Aegis Armor with Touch of Madripoor which im about to reforge. I've been out of the game for quite awhile now and I just came back so all my weapons are pretty old even if my level is 112. 

    I was thinking that my weapons could be

    Touch of Madripoor

    Distant Foreboding device

    Proximate forboding device

    cognitive forboding device.

    I do also have the Maggia trigger man and the Warbringer axe but im not sure if they would help me in the Burning man team. if you have any other suggestion on which weapons i could use or which heroes would be better that would pretty much be appreciated

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  • Witchking99

    Opinion on reforging

    March 17, 2016 by Witchking99

    I have a list of old weapons and i just came back to the game so i dont know if they're still useful so if you could help me it would be gladly appreciated

    • Prototype High-tech gauntlet
    • Coulson Special
    • Staff of tepid storms
    • Smouldering Sword
    • Chakra Strike
    • Crooked Grin
    • Maggia "Triggerman"
    • Titanium RPG-7
    • Infernal Trident
    • Trident
    • Reboot
    • Vajra
    • Volt Caster
    • Lightning Needle
    • Pym-Grown Needle
    • Warbringer Axe
    • Sacrificial Blade
    • Mutant's End
    • Acinaces
    • Spatha
    • Touch of Madripoor
    • Stark Industries Catalyst

    When i was playing the game, my most powerful combo was passively using Touch Madripoor, Stark Industries Catalyst, Maggia "Triggerman" and Warbringer Axe. are these still viable and are any of the above still worth reforging please tell me.

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