• Who else saved forever for Deadpool?

    Lets face it- If you're below Level 200, you're never going to get Adamantium. Hard truth. Sorry. But you can get Diamond if you try.

    Personally, my favorite PVP team is War Machine, Blaster Agent, and Iron Fist. Why?

    Combo Breaker is, without a doubt my favorite passive in my current heroes, just before Death & Rebirth and Strategic Analysis. It can shut down a lot of the PVP annoyances, such as:

    • Mahayuga
    • Combat Reflexes
    • Close Quarters Combat
    • Flanked
    • Vengeance
    • Pretty much any Counter/Follow-up attack.

    Even without his E-ISO, Combo Breaker is one of the best passives in the game. His L1 applies Cornered & Combo Setup, setting up his L2, which combined with Targeted from War Machine(More on that next), does massive damage. L6 removes debuffs and gi…

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