With the end of another PVP, I start to wonder why I didn't play to win the agent suit. The first PVP tournament took me without any preparation! A few heroes, fighting with people with almost all, a single strategy, the only one that I could build, also a common strategy between the most players.

Now that I have like the half of all heroes, I want to help those who are where I was once! The best attack is the defense, let me explain you better:

  • Almost everyone try to kill you in the first round, so you need to resist this one to finally attack.
  • If you avoid everything, nothing will hurt you and give you the opportunity to finish the battle in many rounds.
  • Players with high level heroes can reduces the differences between the quantity, If you have 3 heroes at level 12 with the same attribute, you can beat 5 or even 6 heroes at level 9, try to gain more points than them.
  • Brusiers are your friends, because they raise up the defense, but don't buy just this ones, if you don't hit them or kill them before they kill you, your strategy would be useless

Also, consider against are you fighting, remember that a lot of players will be with just one strategy, so modify your team and beat them up! Every league have their own strategy, so keep helping your heroes with your agent.

Heroes that can take a lot of damage and protect the team are the best for you, so pick a tank and use the ISO-8 with that specific funtion!

If you take two tanks, them the other team player have to do a lot of damage!

Your agent can be a tank, a tool, a weapon:

  • Tank: Take all the damage! So try to use gears that heal you, reduce damage or give you a high evasion.
  • Tool: Make the life easier for your team, buff them up (Or debuff the other team), keep your team health high.
  • Weapon: A badass kicker! You are who attack in the team and who decide the veredict of the battle.

Basically, your team need to be strong in defense, able to clear all your debuff, and be patient! I do recommend two tanks and a tool, because you are trying to survive for many rounds, with two tanks to take all the damage, you can beat them in a long fight, two unkillable and other that make them stronger! While one protect the team, the other tank attack and so on. 

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