Hello, I am wearingglasses, and this is the second of a series of polls/surveys. There are fifteen class combinations among two heroes, and this is not counting double class outings (ie using two Scrapper heroes at the same time), and I'd like to hear your opinions on hero combinations.

Which Infiltrator Hero + Tactician Hero you'd think are the best combination, and the worst combination, and what kind of Agent uniform / gear works best with said combinations. You may differentiate between PvE teams and PVP teams, but generally people are more interested in PVP combinations.

(Note: This is currently only for the Infiltrator / Tactician combination, and the other combinations will be available for discussion in the future.)


  • March 21, 2013 - Nightcrawler's improved. Taking him out of the Wallflowers for now.

The Contestants

There are ten Infiltrators with five alt-uniform Infiltrators. On the flip side, there are eight Tacticians (minus Hank Pym, for now) with four alt-uniform Tacticians. Between the two classes, five heroes have uniforms on both (Black Widow, Phoenix, Emma Frost, Mr. Fantastic, and Hawkeye). That gives us 15x12 - 5 = 175 combinations to choose from.

Infiltratoricon Black Cat Icon 1 Black Widow Icon 1 Gambit Icon 1 Invisible Woman Icon 1 Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 2 Emma Frost Icon 2 Phoenix Icon 2
Nightcrawler Icon 1 Psylocke Icon 1 Spider-Man Icon 1 Tigra Icon 1 Wasp Icon 1 Mr. Fantastic Icon 2 Hawkeye Icon 3
Tacticianicon Black Panther Icon 1 Captain America Icon 1 Cyclops Icon 1 Emma Frost Icon 1 Dr. Strange Icon 2 Iron Man Icon 3 Phoenix Icon 3 Storm Icon 2
Hawkeye Icon 1 Magneto Icon 1 Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 War Machine Icon 1 Black Widow Icon 3

Common Teams

I'll just start with some of the more identifiable (but not necessarily powerful) combinations:

1. Girls of Summer

White Crown Inf Phoenix and P5 Emma Frost are powerful characters respectively, but are potent when together. Cosmic Powered Phoenix Fire is a game ender. They're not as reliant on buffs / debuffs as the other combinations, too. The Inf Emma and Tac Phoenix combo isn't as good, because at the moment White Crown > P5.

Weakness: Phoenix doesn't go through Protectors Sorry, that's false. Her L1 and L9 are Psychic Energy Attacks that ignore most avoidance, shield and protect abilities. - Shizoida

Agent: Protector, or at least high in HP/Def or counterattacking gear, to take advantage of Phoenix's Mind Link.

Phoenix Icon 2 + Emma Frost Icon 2

2. Mind Games ver.2

This time, Psylocke partners with Emma Frost. Her Weak Mind debuff is a great boon to Emma's attacks. Mental Coordination can also benefit from the Protection-bypassing ability of Psychic Tap.

Weakness: Glass Cannon if your Agent isn't a protector, so potential for an early 2-on-3 if you're unlucky.

Agent: You can be offense oriented (+ATK stats) so your Brawl skill will hurt when Mental Coordination triggers. Or you can balance ATK and DEF if you feel you need to provide the Protector for your team.

Psylocke Icon 1 + Emma Frost Icon 2

The Wallflowers

The not-so good heroes / hero combinations. Mr. Fantastic is currently sitting alone on the lower rungs of the tier ladder, now that Nightcrawler got a power boost.

Mr. Fantastic Icon 2
Mr. Fantastic isn't so bad, but compared to the other Tacticians he seems underwhelming. Best bet is to provide him with crits, as his Tumble ability is deadly.

The Public Verdict

  1. Phoenix Icon 2 + Black Widow Icon 2 - at-will ignores Protectors, high damage output, can Protect without the need of a dedicated Agent Gear, revival c/o Phoenix.
  2. Psylocke Icon 1 + Emma Frost Icon 2

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