Hello, I am wearingglasses, and this is a new poll/survey thing. There are fifteen class combinations among two heroes, and this is not counting double class outings (ie using two Scrapper heroes at the same time), and I'd like to hear your opinions on hero combinations.

I just want to know which Scrapper Hero + Infiltrator Hero you'd think are the best combination, and the worst combination, and what kind of Agent uniform / gear works best with said combinations. You may differentiate between PvE teams and PVP teams, but generally people are more interested in PVP combinations.

(Note: This is currently only for the Scrapper / Infiltrator combination, and the other combinations will be available for discussion in the future.)

The Contestants

There are ten base Scrappers in the game, and six alt-uniform Scrappers. On the flip side, there are ten Infiltrators with five alt-uniform Infiltrators. Between the two classes, four heroes have uniforms on both (Spider-man, Wolverine, Black Cat, and Kitty Pryde). That gives us a whopping 16x15 - 4 = 236 combinations to choose from!

Scrappericon Daredevil Icon 1 Deadpool Icon 1 Ghost Rider Icon 1 Iron Fist Icon 1 Luke Cage Icon 1 Black Cat Icon 2 Kitty Pryde Icon 2 Spider-Man Icon 3
Magik Icon 1 Quicksilver Icon 1 Sif Icon 1 Spider-Woman Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 1 Hulk Icon 2 Colossus Icon 2 Thing Icon 2
Infiltratoricon Black Cat Icon 1 Black Widow Icon 1 Gambit Icon 1 Invisible Woman Icon 1 Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 2 Emma Frost Icon 2 Phoenix Icon 2
Nightcrawler Icon 1 Psylocke Icon 1 Spider-Man Icon 1 Tigra Icon 1 Wasp Icon 1 Mr. Fantastic Icon 2 Hawkeye Icon 3

Common Teams

I'll just start with some of the more identifiable (but not necessarily powerful) combinations:

1. Bleeders

Specializes in dealing the Bleeding status and taking advantage of it.

Weakness: Nonbleeding heroes, and debuff removal. Debuff removal isn't so bad as these heroes can easily apply the Bleeding again.

Agent: Either the tank, or let Wolverine do it and make the Agent use bleeding weapons (like the Kuzuri).

Wolverine Icon 1 + Tigra Icon 1 or

Wolverine Icon 1 + Black Cat Icon 1 or
Black Cat Icon 2 + Tigra Icon 1 or
Black Cat Icon 2 + Wolverine Icon 2

2. Future Foundation

Mostly a defensive type of team. The buff The Future is Now is good but a bit slow for today's meta. Thing + Spidey ain't so hot because Thing doesn't make use of his evasion, making Spidey's buff useless.

Weakness: Shield-bypassing attacks, single-hit powerful attacks.

Agent: Either be the main damage dealer, or setting up his teammates to deal extra damage (Thing's exploit attack, Sue and Reed's crits).

Spider-Man Icon 2 + Invisible Woman Icon 2 or

Thing Icon 2 + Invisible Woman Icon 2 or
Thing Icon 2 + Spider-Man Icon 2 or
Spider-Man Icon 2 + Mr. Fantastic Icon 2 or
Thing Icon 2 + Mr. Fantastic Icon 2

3. Mind Linking with Phoenix

The classic version is Kitty Pryde with her Phasing passive. Linking Wolverine could possibly work, for his counters. (Would this protect ability override Wolverine's own protect ability, and if so, would the Extra attack not trigger?)

Weakness: ???

Agent: Focusing on damage would work, mostly, to speed up the match. Kitty's buff only lasts a couple turns.

Kitty Pryde Icon 2 + Phoenix Icon 2 or
Wolverine Icon 2 + Phoenix Icon 2

4. Many Many Attacks

Psyloke's Mental Coordination plus Quicksilver's extra turns (and his alt-uniform passive) results in a lot of attacks.

Weakness: A Bleeding Quicksilver spells bad news for you. Also, make sure to kill people with War Frenzy fast or it's pain town for you.

Agent: Protector, as neither of the two have much HP.

Quicksilver Icon 2 + Psylocke Icon 1

The Wallflowers

The not-so good heroes / hero combinations. Nightcrawler and Spider-Woman are currently in the running for most underpowered hero. Deadpool isn't that great either!

Nightcrawler Icon 1
Kurt needs someone who can reliably apply Dizzy (none among Scrappers), who exploits Dizzy (there are no other heroes that do this, and no Agent Gear good enough that also does this), or applies Combo Setup to elevate his game. He has high enough Accuracy, so buffs for accuracy upping isn't that needed.

Spider-Woman Icon 1
The Phoenix Pinion is the only weapon that plays nice with Spider-Woman's Venom Blast. No other heroes exploit Poison or Biofeedback. She also has Accuracy issues, so Phoenix sounds like a good teammate. Yeah, Phoenix is possibly the best teammate for Spider-Woman at the moment, but if you want a Scrapper accompanying Phoenix, why settle for Spider-Woman?

Deadpool Icon 1
His buffs only work for him, and he does not really use other people's buffs. Welll, there is his level 9, but you need to work up his movelist to get that.

The Public Verdict

This is a placeholder section where I shall summarize the opinions of people from the comments.

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