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This is is just me listing down all the various costumes that the characters without any present or future alternate costumes (Those with upcoming alts already aren't included, like Iron Fist). I won't be speculating on the revamp of skills or new passives or how Nightcrawler won't suck any more. For the most part, I'm limiting myself to the nonevil, comic book, Earth-616 variants + movie versions. When Playdom resorts to alternate reality versions, I'll add 'em in as well (although that'd be a hell of a floodgate). Thanks to everyone in the comment section for contributing to the list (PukeDrunk, Shadowhopeful, Gumby643, Chwnieka, and AWC)!

Most of the outgoing links go to the pages. Tell me if there are issues regarding hotlinking the images to them.


Black Bolt Icon Large 1
None. He hasn't had a costume change at all, but they're redesigning him soon in the upcoming Inhumanity event, I believe.
Black Knight
Black Knight Icon Large 1

  • Civvies - Leather Jacket and jeans. He wore this during the Skrull Invasion of Earth.

Black Panther
Black Panther Icon Large 1

  • Shadowland - T'Challa during the Shadowland story line? Someone correct me here.

Constrictor Icon Large 1

  • Updated - Nothing much different except for his arms. He got mechanical arms recently after the events of Secret Invasion.

Fantomex Icon Large 1

  • Pure White - lacks the black highlights on his regular outfit.

Hank Pym
Hank Pym Icon Large 1
Hank Pym has a lot of costumes as well.

  • Giant-Man - Original costume.
  • Classic - Featuring the Ant Helmet.
  • Yellowjacket - After undergoing severe mental stress and having a chemical accident, Pym developed the Yellowjacket persona, impulsive and egotistical.
  • Henry Pym, adventurer - Civilian adventurer attire.

Magneto Icon Large 1
I couldn't find the one with the long red coat.

  • Uncanny #200 - Black robe with a large stylized M. Shackles not included.

Red Hulk
Red Hulk Icon Large 1
None? He's relatively new, so not much chance for alt costumes yet. Maybe if they give him an oversized military costume. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon gives him a grey tank top and some guns, but I'm not counting cartoon appearances (yet). He also got possessed by both the Venom symbiote and the Ghost Rider's Spirit of Vengeance temporarily, but that'd be overkill.
Rescue Icon Large 1
You'd think Tony has enough time to tinker around with the Rescue armor. Rescue hasn't had any visual revamps yet.

Elektra Icon Large 1

  • White - Palette swap. She switched to this in her solo series when she tried to go straight.
  • Movie version - Not that anybody needed to be reminded of this movie, but here, Elektra is wearing a leather combination of vest and pants.

Gambit Icon Large 1

  • Marvel NOW? - Gambit's 2012 appearance. He loses the trenchcoat and purple torso.

Psylocke Icon Large 1

Satana Icon Large 1

  • Witches - she's the one to the left. This costume lasted during the shortlived Witches series.
  • Thunderbolts - minus the ginormous eyebrows, but adds gloves and a CAPE!

Tigra Icon Large 1

  • As The Cat - Apparently, Hellcat's current costume is Tigra's first costume, before she got her furry form.
  • Aborigine - She took some time off from the West Coast Avengers and spent some time in Australia living in the jungles.

Wasp Icon Large 1
THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM. Like seriously, Wasp continually redesigns her costume. She's a fashion designer, it's what she does. Here's just a fraction of them:

Better yet, go here to see all of her costumes. It's amazing how some costumes last only a single issue.

Deadpool Icon Large 1

  • X-Force - B&W Wade.
  • X-Men - Deadpool wanting to join the X-Men. He also has a similar costume that replaces the X in the chest with "X-Men".
  • Marvel Girl Wade - Exactly what it says. Not safe for anyone's brain.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Icon Large 1

  • Movie - Ghost Rider himself isn't that different, but his bike in the movie is different.
    There's also Danny Ketch, but he's another character.
  • Johnny Blaze - Human form, when he lost his powers and Denny Ketch became the new Ghost Rider. He has a shotgun that shoots hellfire.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage Icon Large 1

  • Classic - Featuring classic lines such as "SWEET CHRISTMAS!" and "Where's my money, honey?" (Note: Yes, he said that back then.)
  • CAGE (1992) - Featuring a costume change from the yello+tiara to a red shirt + black jacket, and going simply by "Cage".

Omega Sentinel
Omega Sentinel Icon Large 1

  • Blue variant 1 - Karima without the doodads. X-Men symbol on left breast, brown pants.
  • Blue variant 2 - Karima without the doodads again. No X-symbol, lowered neckline, green pants, slightly bared midriff, crazy hair.

Spider-Woman Icon Large 1
None? Honestly, unless they'll use Julia Carpenter as an alt, I'm not finding anything, except for an old costume where you can't see her hair.

Hercules Icon Large 1

  • 1980s Herc - Red-brown hair and beard, minus the skirt.

She-Hulk Icon Large 1

Valkyrie Icon Large 1

  • White Costume - During her Defender days, in Mars.
  • Modern/Fear Itself - Valkyrie's latest costume, without the cape, with pants. She also currently appears in the latest all-female Fearless Defenders alongside Misty Knight, Danielle Moonstar, and Hippolyta the Warrior Woman.

X-23 Icon Large 1

  • X-Force - similar cut to Wolverine's brown costume, but Black and gray. Domino mask optional.
  • New Mutants - Yellow/Black, with large-ish armguards and boots.
  • "Fang" - Fang is a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. I do not know why X-23 wore a similar outfit.

Captain Britain
Captain Britain Icon Large 1

  • Classic - Notice the different design of the chest insignia.
  • Britannic - Long hair, red costume. The 90's, amirite?
  • With Star Sceptre - From the 1970s, apparently. The Star Sceptre is the mace he's holding. This costume, and the Lionheart name, will be inherited in some form by Kelsey Leigh.
  • King of Otherworld - Gets the glowing eye thing going, as well as a lion herald chest insignia.
  • MI13 - Helmetless look, kind of like a capeless blond Superman.

Cable Icon Large 1
Cable has so many costumes it's not funny. I'll just list some of the prominent ones.

  • X-TREEEM - Blue shoulderpads turned UP TO ELEVEN. (do not waaant)
    Modern 1 - Cable without the shoulder pads. MvC2 version.
  • Modern 2 - Modern 1, but even sleeker, without the straps. Some electric doodads in the torso area. Features in Cable and Deadpool, and a variant in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.
  • Modern 3 - One shoulder pad, X-style bandolier, and a pouch for Baby Hope.

Havok Icon Large 1

  • Classic - Solid black suit, weird-as-hell headpiece, and concentric circles anyway he's facing.
  • Nineties look - Jacket and fingerless gloves.
  • Uncanny Avengers - An update on his classic look.

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Icon Large 1

  • Romani - Wanda used a Romani inspired variation of her costume to match her heritage. (Bonus trivia: Apparently, the artist, George Perez, stated that Wanda prefers to go commando during the time she wore this. Go figure.)
  • Force Works 1 - 90s look. There are better pictures out there (like the ones in the comments section.) This one shows the Liefeldian flaws of the era.
  • Force Works 2 - She forgoes the pink bodysuit and red leotard for a something with more skin.
  • Uncanny Avengers - Wanda's latest look.

Vision Icon Large 1

  • White Vision - Vision drained of color. You can see this version of him in the arcade game with Iron Man and Cap.

Beast Icon Large 1

  • Classic - Beast's original, non-blue form.
  • Uncanny Beast - The first blue furry version.
  • All-New - Beast's latest form, now more apelike.

Mockingbird Icon Large 1

Punisher Icon Large 1

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