I've always viewed this game as being primarily about resource management.

Initially, you don't have enough of anything.  You play, collect resources, and spend them.  In the beginning (do you remember back then?) it was SHIELD Points that were the limiting factor.  I just couldn't get enough of them to do all the research and level all the heroes and everything else you needed them for.  I've had more of those purple discs than can be used for over a year.  Silver was short after that, I had to sell supplies to get a couple million for training costs even while running steady flight decks.  After that, it was all about the CP grind.  Get more CP to get more heroes.  Eventually, I even had enough CP so that I'd always be able to buy whatever hero I might need.  This only left me short on one resource: Gold.  Hero sales, E-ISO, A-ISO, all these things that could only be bought with gold.  I was farming the daily for that 1 gold per day, and just barely keeping up with the required expenditures.

Which brings us up to the last couple weeks.  A new chapter and a half, a new spec op, a givaway event, new lockbox, and all of these things featuring rewards with huge piles of GOLD! As well as all the other resources.  I've gained 10 heroes in the past couple weeks, it's been crazy!  Grabbed the second training bay, and been just pumping out the levels.  Even still, here I am:

MAA-Resources.png Just... piles of it!

Well, time to go get some more heroes! I'm going to finish this game while I can.  I might not end up with all the heroes, but there won't be more than a couple left on the Recruit page once I'm done...

Really love how they're giving away all these nice resources so that I can do so.  The story has a tad too much of the "fast wrap-up" going on, with more than a bit of the "tune in next season to see what happens!", but it's plain that they're making an effort to tie everything up as best they can before the ship sails.  Definitely liking it.

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