There was definitely a feeling of relief when I found out the game was closing. Mostly because it meant the end of the grind. You know what grind I mean, the endless grind for CP. Looking back, this is probably my strongest memory of the game, purely because of the repetition: MAA-TheGrind.png

Just how many times did I play that mission? Well, I recall an average of about 400,000 points per play. 68 MPoints / 400 KPoints = 170 times. That's 170 times I deployed Kitty, kicked Zemo and his Hydra buddies outta town, picked up Kitty, and then took down Viper for good measure. 170 freaking times. And I'm sure some of you did it even more! I can't imagine that any mission was played more than that one. I trained so many heroes by pairing them with Cap and taking out every Hydra baddie that would dare show up for the fight.  I did it so many times I have a whole song about it that plays in my head.  Makes me glad I didn't play it any more than I did.

Point being though; I think it says something about the game, that this is the lasting impression it leaves.

It does make me wonder a bit about the outliers. Who played that mission the most? Is there anyone that only played it a dozen times? That *could* but *didn't* farm the CP?

Okay, sure, maybe I do think about strange things.

Still, it's all done but for the last day or two, and that's what I'm left with.

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