I really like the daily missions.  The game was clearly missing some kind of regular small content update, or task to complete, and dailies just nail that on the head.

Best of all, free A-ISOs! Free E-ISOs! Exactly what I needed as a prize. Didn't have anywhere near enough of them.  Run the daily a couple times, free gold! A couple more, free CP!  One of the rare times the game has delivered exactly what I want.

Sometimes the prize is weaker, equipment or consumable items, so run those once to see how it is and that's probably it.  Absolutely no issue with that.  Maybe I'd like a level 300 version of that weapon, and who doesn't need more tacos?  Or hey, turkey legs, those are always good too.

But the one that really gets me, is the lockbox prize.  I mean, I like lockboxes, they're a bit of random fun, so that's always good.  But usually? Yup, gonna win the crap prize.  All these beautiful shiny lockboxes up for grabs, but nope! You get crap!  Dang.  Well, run it a couple more times, get some more garbage, and then finally get some actual lockboxes.  And it's probably for a hero I've already got, which is okay, but what I'm really aiming for (of course) is the additional lockboxes for a hero that I've been having issues unlocking.  There are a couple of those.  Today, just recently in fact, I got one of the best lockbox prizes I've ever received: 5 Timeless.  Woo!

Now, maybe most people have Kang already, I wouldn't be surprised.  I certainly got Doom easily, and I had nearly 100 extra lockboxes after getting Destroyer, but I have just had terrible luck with Kang.  With these 5 new boxes though, that combined with the 5 I had left over from back when Timeless lockboxes were being handed out like stale candy at Halloween, and gave me the magical 10.  Which leads us to this one image that sums up fairly well my entire relationship with Kang: MeAndKang.png

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