Each of us might have a complaint about the game. Sometimes, in its mechanics (Flight Deck, Battles) or sometimes, in the game elements (Heroes, Gears, etc.). While they are adding some impressive things in the game and made a lot of improvements (some of them highlighted here), there are still room revisions.

Here are some of my suggestions. I'm not saying I'm the first one who made these suggestions. I'm pretty sure there a high probability that someone else already thought of what I will write here. Also, you might not agree with what I'm saying. But bear in mind that these are all just opinions and since I'm not one of the developers in Playdom, I won't be really able to implement these. In short, outbursts will be ignored. Substantial discussions, on the other hand, is most welcome.


My suggestion for deploys is to give the deployed hero experience after the deploy. Why? Well, I just think it's better that way.

If I would do it, it will be like this:

  • The experience gained would be fixed for normal missions on normal mode.
  • On premium missions, and normal missions at challenge mode, the experience gain will be scaled to the hero's level. For example, 0.5% at level 1, 1% at level 2-4, and so on...

Flight Deck

Flight deck is kind of tedious for its rewards. Well, it's a steady stream of silver and exp. But its management is just, ugh, I can't even find a word to describe it.

Well, a lot of people wants a "Collect and Resend All" button. That's a good start. But how about we improve the interface as a whole?

  • "Remote Op" button - When you click this, a management interface similar to the Team Page will open up.
  • In here, you will see all your recruited heroes on small thumbnails.
  • You click on heroes that you want to send and they will be highlighted (maybe with a check mark or something).
  • There would be a counter which shows how many jets are still available.
  • In another side of the page, the options for duration will be displayed. You select one of these (most probably radio buttons) and click "Send". Then, your heroes will be off to their respective remote ops.
  • Also, the experience will be customized, but will depend on the hero level, not the agent level. Of course, there are bonuses like this already, but I'm talking about the base silver and exp (they are fixed values as of now).

End Notes

Well, that's it for now. Feedback will be appreciated.

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