• Volrath 666462

    Just as simple as the title says...

    Foreword: I only started logging today, but I had went through the mission several times already. I think I got some CPs, but I couldn't be sure. So, let's just not include them in the data. Disregard the displays of disappointments. We're still working on a small sample size. It just helps me feel better.

    Some tips:

    • If the Doombringer (or similar) Strategy is available to you, it is a good way to be able to win the 3-Bird fight in Challenge Mode. Also, it's going to give you a high score. In just my first run of this mission, I got 3 stars. If you're doing this strategy, remember to remove/not to put the WW2 alt on Cap.
    • If you're just playing at normal mode and plan not to get the mission to five stars, the…
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  • Volrath 666462

    Each of us might have a complaint about the game. Sometimes, in its mechanics (Flight Deck, Battles) or sometimes, in the game elements (Heroes, Gears, etc.). While they are adding some impressive things in the game and made a lot of improvements (some of them highlighted here), there are still room revisions.

    Here are some of my suggestions. I'm not saying I'm the first one who made these suggestions. I'm pretty sure there a high probability that someone else already thought of what I will write here. Also, you might not agree with what I'm saying. But bear in mind that these are all just opinions and since I'm not one of the developers in Playdom, I won't be really able to implement these. In short, outbursts will be ignored. Substantial …

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