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    Me, after the task 6 defeated Ultron Group Bosses lets just say (UGB) and noticed that to reduce his health% not only Damage is needed but Number of Hits plays an important roll too.

    So i'm making possible team-ups to reduce his health atleast by 25% per round

    I defeated him in 4 runs and under 15 minutes

    Tactician Ultron

    Black Widow(Avengers Uniform, targeted)

    Spider-man(better if black costume- exploit webs)

    Infiltrator Ultron

    Ghost Rider(DOT)

    Deadpool (Bang bang bang! - 25hits)

    Quicksilver (again many hits and takes 2 turns)

    Bruiser Ultron

    Storm (best, since a DOT and Static charge for extra damage)

    Havok (stamina is not a problem, almost guarenteed hit)

    Scrapper Ulron

    Valkyrie (accuracy is a problem, but health is not)

    Human torch(bruiser - since his a…

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