My PVP Team consists of Phoenix 5 Emma Frost (Infiltrator) and Phoenix 5 Colossus (Scrapper) with Blaster Agent.

My gear line up is

  • Arc Reactor Charge
  • Quantum Jumper
  • Power Of 4
  • Possessed Pistol

My ISO-8 Build for Emma Frost is

4x Robust Shards. (Health/Stamina/Attack)

4x Steadfast Shards. (Health/Stamina/Evasion)

My ISO-8 Build for Colossus is

4x Sturdy Shards. (Health/Defence)

4x Bulky Shards. (Attack/Defence)

Assuming the order is Enemy Hero, Enemy Hero, Enemy Agent, Emma Frost, Agent, Colossus

Emma uses Mental Trauma to weaken them

Agent uses Quantum Jumper.

Emma uses Unlock Potential on the Agent.

Agent uses Power of 4

Agent uses the Arc Reactor Charge,

Possessed Pistol x4

Agent Dead.

(This next part assumes someone is still alive)

Colossus uses Steel Curtain

Next Turn

Emma uses War Diamond.

Colossus uses Decimate.

Share your strategies below if you want. =)

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