Well my ideal strategy is a strategy that factors in Team-Up Bonuses, Damage Output and who I want to use.

My usual PVE team consists of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch or Emma Frost (Phoenix 5 Infiltrator) and Phoenix (Phoenix 5 Tactician).

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch because they have a quintuple Team-Up Bonus, Stocked full of Attack/Accuracy Shards (both). I utilize Quicksilver's AOE the most giving them Combo-Setup and Scarlet Witch's Probability Field and Chaos Shield because it causes nasty debuffs and great hero buffs. Her Hex Spheres aren't bad either but they do manage to make the enemies attack backfire a lot so they're basically killing themselves.

My proud & joy team of the Phoenix 5 Femme Fatales.

I personally enjoy these two.

They have a quadruple Team-Up Bonus but that's OK. My Agent is really the main damage dealer utilizing the Phoenix Flare, Offensive Accelerator, Only For Killing and Golden Screaming Eagle. So my Phoenix gives me Mind Link followed by Emma using Unlock Potential on me. This raises my stats considerably then I use the Offensive Accelerator. Next I use Phoenix's Telekinesis and Emma Frost's War Diamond to attempt to stun enemies before dropping the Phoenix Flare for an EPIC amount of Overkill.

Any strategy you want to share?

Just comment if you want.

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