This is my ISO-8 Builds for Black Widow and Black Cat.

I'm going to keep all my ISO-8 Builds short and sweet.

First Black Cat.

I have her at Level 12.

(Catty Outfit Infiltrator)

4x Robust Shards (Health/Stamina/Attack)

4x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

I used these ISO's because of her low health and anemic damage but this is just for her Infiltrator Outfit.

(Catty Outfit Scrapper)

4x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

4x Steady Shards (Health/Attack/Accuracy)

This is buff her damage to attempt to match that of a scrapper's but still keep her unique.

Now Black Widow

Also Level 12

I use her Avengers Outfits.

(Avengers Infiltrator)

8x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

This is just to make sure she survives and can do considerable damage as well.

For her Tactician Outfit it will not be that much different.

(Avengers Tactician)

4x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

4x Relentless Shards (Stamina/Attack)

Since she will be having extra attacks she will need an increase in Stamina but also Health to continually stay alive.

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