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  • V3lv3tLov3

    ISO-8 Builds - Emma Frost

    November 23, 2012 by V3lv3tLov3

    This ISO-8 Strategy is for Emma Frost

    Emma Frost

    Level 12

    I utilize her Phoenix 5 outfits.

    (Phoenix 5 Infiltrator)

    4x Robust Shards (Health/Stamina/Attack)

    4x Steadfast Shards (Health/Stamina/Evasion)

    This is a sufficient build for her. Health so she can take a hit, Attack so she can deal more damage and Evasion so she can attempt to match the swift skills of other Infiltrators. Stamina is for longer lasting fights.

    (Phoenix 5 Tactician)

    8x Robust Shards (Health/Stamina/Attack)

    This is sufficient enough as this build has increased her damage, health and stamina very well.

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  • V3lv3tLov3

    This is my ISO-8 Builds for Black Widow and Black Cat.

    I'm going to keep all my ISO-8 Builds short and sweet.

    First Black Cat.

    I have her at Level 12.

    (Catty Outfit Infiltrator)

    4x Robust Shards (Health/Stamina/Attack)

    4x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

    I used these ISO's because of her low health and anemic damage but this is just for her Infiltrator Outfit.

    (Catty Outfit Scrapper)

    4x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

    4x Steady Shards (Health/Attack/Accuracy)

    This is buff her damage to attempt to match that of a scrapper's but still keep her unique.

    Now Black Widow

    Also Level 12

    I use her Avengers Outfits.

    (Avengers Infiltrator)

    8x Powerful Shards (Health/Attack)

    This is just to make sure she survives and can do considerable damage as well.

    For her Tactician…

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  • V3lv3tLov3

    My PVP Strategy

    November 23, 2012 by V3lv3tLov3

    My PVP Team consists of Phoenix 5 Emma Frost (Infiltrator) and Phoenix 5 Colossus (Scrapper) with Blaster Agent.

    My gear line up is

    • Arc Reactor Charge
    • Quantum Jumper
    • Power Of 4
    • Possessed Pistol

    My ISO-8 Build for Emma Frost is

    4x Robust Shards. (Health/Stamina/Attack)

    4x Steadfast Shards. (Health/Stamina/Evasion)

    My ISO-8 Build for Colossus is

    4x Sturdy Shards. (Health/Defence)

    4x Bulky Shards. (Attack/Defence)

    Assuming the order is Enemy Hero, Enemy Hero, Enemy Agent, Emma Frost, Agent, Colossus

    Emma uses Mental Trauma to weaken them

    Agent uses Quantum Jumper.

    Emma uses Unlock Potential on the Agent.

    Agent uses Power of 4

    Agent uses the Arc Reactor Charge,

    Possessed Pistol x4

    Agent Dead.

    (This next part assumes someone is still alive)

    Colossus uses Steel Curt…

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  • V3lv3tLov3

    Well my ideal strategy is a strategy that factors in Team-Up Bonuses, Damage Output and who I want to use.

    My usual PVE team consists of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch or Emma Frost (Phoenix 5 Infiltrator) and Phoenix (Phoenix 5 Tactician).

    Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch because they have a quintuple Team-Up Bonus, Stocked full of Attack/Accuracy Shards (both). I utilize Quicksilver's AOE the most giving them Combo-Setup and Scarlet Witch's Probability Field and Chaos Shield because it causes nasty debuffs and great hero buffs. Her Hex Spheres aren't bad either but they do manage to make the enemies attack backfire a lot so they're basically killing themselves.

    My proud & joy team of the Phoenix 5 Femme Fatales.

    I personally enjoy these two.


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