December 2013

Hero - Iceman

Villians - Pyro, Master Mind

I just put two BrotherHood charaters in.

January 2014

Hero - A-Bomb, Skaar

Villians - Leader, Radioactive Man, Red Hulk

LE Alt - Hulk

Red Hulk was possessed by Enchantress.

Febuary 2014

Hero - Namor

Villians - Krang, Attuma, Byrrah

March 2014

Hero - Sentry, Moonstone

Villians - The Captain, Dark Witch, The Void

April 2014

Hero - Falcon, Winter Soldier

Villians - Crossbones, Lance, Gorgon, Hardball

LE Alt - Captain America

May 2014

Hero - Mimic, Mystique

Villians - Dark Beast, Mimic, Sauron

June 2014

Hero - Captain Mar-vell

Villians - Rohan the Accuser, Super Skrull, Controller

July 2014

Hero - Franklin Richards

Villians  - Agatha Harkness, Anniulus

August 2014

Hero - Scott Lang

Villians - Doctor Sun, Klaw, Molocule Man

September 2014

Hero - Banshee

Villians - Sabastion Shaw, William Striker

LE Alts - Beast, Havok

The alts are based of X-men first class 2

October 2014

Hero - Blade

Villians - Dracula, Lilith, Varnae

November 2014

Hero - Sunfire(In Horseman of Famine Uniform)

Villians - Apocalpse, Sentry, Daken(Horsemen of Death), Banshee(Horsemen of Death), Grim Reaper(Horsemen of Death)

LE Alts - Wolverine, Psylocke, Gambit

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