Nick Fury Task Talk Whoa, everyone. Ease up on the speculation.
We've got demons. Let's worry about that for now.
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My wish for the new year is Heroes and Villians


My wishes foer heroes are....

Banshee, A-Bomb, Skaar, Namor, Captain Mar-vell, Sandman, The Torch, Winter Soldier, and so many more. Now I have done a few blogs for them

Now thats a few but I have more.


My villian wish is.....

Ultron Group Boss Wall Post
Supergiant Dialogue
Thanos Portrait Art

Thanos Returns

Apocalpse and the the Apocalpse Twins with the horsemen. They all are needed in season 2 like in Chapter 6 the could do a complete chapter on them.

More Ultron.

We need new mutants like Pyro, Mastermind, Azazel, Shaw etc. Thats a Spec Ops and Chapter guareented* I really think those villians are good to join this year.

Masters Of Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are main enemies of the Avengers, so why not? Melter, Radioactive Man, maybe a Black Knight? All this could an amazing chapter!

Thanos and more galactic treats. Thanos should return, Supergiant should be a mini-boss, Galactus should come into the game. But there is also Controller, Rohan, Kree army, Super Skrull, Queen Veranke, Maximus the Mad, It's a shame Mad Max isn't in the game yet. 

Attuma is a must, Krang could be a nice Mini-boss. And then we can go to atlantis.

Mandirin, we all know he's coming. I think he should get a few lackes with his release.

Kingpin needs to come in as a boss, not a diologue. We could bring out Gladior and some other goons. Owl could be fun to play against. There is so much we could meet with Daredevil villians.

Then, there is the Spidey rouge list. Jackel, Kaine, Spidercide, Carrion, and so many more clones. Gray Goblin, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, and any other goblins. The Scorpion, Bettle, Rhino, Elcktro, Mystrio, Chamelon and plenty of classics. The Ross, Mr. Negitive, and Morlum as newbies.

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