Up coming blogs information

Today I will reveal my next few blogs. The current series I have been doing will have more segments. 5 in fact. There will also be a new series "A New Spec Ops". But that series will not start till July 14. My current series a new hero, I tell you 4 of the 7 heroes to be added. They are

  • Iceman
  • Hulkling
  • Wiccan
  • Moonstone

These heroes will be featured in the next installments of a new hero. If you notice there will be 5 segments added so 2 of the segments will be like number 4 of my series.

Spec ops speculation is when I make fanboy spec ops like my first one will be with Captain Mar-vell. Thank you for reading my blogs especially this one so you can look forward my next blog post.

Release Dates

  • A New Spec Ops - July 14
  • A New Hero 6 - July 1 or 3
  • the next installments a week after each other


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