Spec ops 1: Don't say a word...

Just like the title I won't say a word ok maybe I will, Mockingbird isn't a hero I want. Also I join after this spec ops, so I don't care about this Spec Ops.

Spec Ops 2: Long live the queen

I liked the spec ops, It came a day after I joined the game. So I could get through haft the spec ops. Which agervated me. I do like Emma, Great in PVP. I find her useful.

Spec Ops 3: AvX

I loved the consept. Avengers vs. X-Men. Love It. Magik is really cool. Never finished it. I love Magik's abilities but i wish Namor could of have been in this spec ops ):

Spec Ops 4: Deathly Hallows and Spec Ops 5: The Wild Hunt

My thoughts on this two is these spec ops's that was badly done. That all.

Spec Ops 6: Cry Havok

I loved this Spec Ops! Havok was on my want list for so long, I was elated to see him join the game. Go Uncanny Avengers. I love the thought of a villian join the game too. I love Magneto, but they should of added someone else first.

Spec Ops 7: Ghost in the Machine

Sadly I missed this spec ops, but I would love to have him.

Spec Ops 8: Vision of the Future

I loved this Spec Ops so much. This was my first to complete. I wanted to battle Ultron so bad even before he was brought out. Vision is one amazing blaster/inflitratior! He is possibliy the best spec ops reward hero ever! But why was Omega Sentinal the lockbox charater? How did go into this story? But overall I loved the Spec Ops.

Spec Ops 9: Extrimis and Spec Ops 10: So Shall Ye Reap

These were some fun Spec Ops but they weren't well put together. That's it. I loved Wonderman though. These Spec Ops were also completed by me. But what with Constrictor being in the game. He isn't really a hero.

Spec Ops 11: Sins of the Fathers

I loved this Spec Ops so much. Finally Daimon gets realeased. And to add to it Satana was a lockbox charater!! I've wanted Satana to be a lockbox charater since Omega Sentinal. And finally we fight Taskmaster and Venom. And who is BlackList? But THIS IS a great Spec Ops.

Spec Ops 12: Dark Reign

I have a lot of beef with this spec ops. What with these dark avengers? And WHY DELL RUSK as the team leader? And what world makes Ares a Brusier!!!!! Here is the list of dark avengers of this spec ops....

  1. Ares
  2. Dark Thor a.k.a. Rorgarnk
  3. Dark Wolverine a.k.a. Daken
  4. Dark Widow a.k.a. Yalva Bolvia
  5. Dark Hawkeye a.k.a. Bullseye
  6. Dell Rusk
  7. Moonstone
  8. Venom

This team doesn't look right to me, where Sentray and Dark Witch a.k.a. Toxie Doxie, they would of completed the team. Why didn't they have Ares as a Scrapper? That makes a hell of lot more since. But this is a good Spec Ops. I have finished this spec ops

Spec Ops 13: Infinity

I've been very fond of this spec ops mainly because It has an orgianal hero! Also it has Thanos who I have been whating to fight so badly. I think Captian Mar-vell would of been a better choice of a reward hero thought. I have fished this Spec Ops

Thank you for reading

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