Lockbox 1 - Magneto

Reward - Magneto

I am disliking this Lockbox because Magneto is not as good as the rest. I mean why have him as the first lockbox charater. His moveset is weak compared to all the others. But he is not as bad as Lockbox 4.

Lockbox 2 - Omega Sentinal

Reward - Omega Sentinal

I really don't like Omega, She is and all that but she doesn't seen to be a kick ass heroie. But if you have she is great for PvE.

Lockbox 3 - Juggernaut

Reward - Juggernaut

I have always loved the idea of Juggernaut coming the game and I wish he came sooner, like he should be #1 instead of #3. Overall he is amazing. I still use him on almost any battle.

Lockbox 4 - Constritor

Reward - Constritor

What the hell were they thinking when the added Constritor, Come on he only helping 'cause he's rich. To go with the Hydra theme it should of been Moonstone. I almost love all Scrappers, but, to me, this was a disappointment

Lockbox 5 - Satana

Reward - Satana

OMG I have been waiting for this hellish girl. I love her abilities and She is one bad ass inflitraitor (:

She is probably the strongest inflitraitor I have.

Lockbox 6 - Elektra

Reward - Elektra

Everyone has been waiting for her and She should have been Lockbox #3 Instead of six really. She is one great PvP hero. She should be used in PvP if you have her.

Lockbox 7 - Thane

Reward - Thane

I love this lockbox so much, and it shows amazing power of Life and Death. He is probably is the strongest Lockbox Hero and he is the First LB to not to be a in-game villian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockbox 8 - Loki

Reward - Loki

This is the latest LB and is tots awesome. Loki is just so cool, with his new uniform, and just how amazing he is. His trikster's seal makes him the debuff king :P

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